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  1. This seems to have changed in the last release and workaround does not work anymore. Any help from the Poweramp authors, please?
  2. Found a workaround: Playing a folder through MediaBrowserCompat via "/folders_hier/$folderId/subfolders?shf=2" URI works. It would be nice to have that supported in the proper API though.
  3. Additionally, even if I manage to get ID of such folder (for example from parent folder ID field), there does not appear to be a way to play it. Attempting to play content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/folders/$folderId/folders_and_files where $folderId is the ID of such folder will not result in any playback (nothing happens when triggering this intent).
  4. Currently it appears folders API (either /folders or /folders/#/folders_and_files) only returns folders that contain music directly. For example, for the following hierarchy: A B C [Music here] D [Music here] E [Music Here] API will only return folders C, D and E, but not folders A or B. I want to use API to retrieve full hierarchical structure of my music library. Is there another content URI I can try or is this just a limitation of the API? Could this be fixed? This is with build 926. Thanks.
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