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  1. @ScarletNeko thanks for the report.
  2. @DJ AJB how exactly do you get those into Poweramp? Poweramp reads streams from playlists, which should be m3u(8) or pls file, can you share that? Thanks!
  3. Ldac is a lossy compression codec, where bits are really not so important due to the way lossy compression works. Usually ldac works with 16 or 24 bit input, some devices require 32 (Poweramp shows that info). This doesn’t affect quality or anything else measurable at all.
  4. Build 851: Show On Lock Screen support for Android 10 (requires permission) fix for Hi-Res on Redmi Note 8 Pro folders By path (case sensitive) sorting other bug fixes translations updates
  5. @Duarian Android can't distinguish between Unlocker app and main Poweramp app, so various stats may appear for either one or another app. Also, some Android variants will incorrectly calculate Unlocker app size. Btw, you can remove Unlocker if license is verified and stored on the device (see Poweramp / Settings / About). Though, those stats will just move to Poweramp main app.
  6. Build 850: Samsung Android 10 beta support stream genre/description metadata in Info/Tags dialog fixes for some Android 5.0 ROMs / custom ROMs other bug fixes translations updates Big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!
  7. Poweramp already supports year sorting for albums and tracks. Or do you mean Year category? Do you want to see albums there or tracks? Thanks!
  8. @h4rdtr4nce Thanks!
  9. @andrewilley regarding folders sorting. (Plain) Folders uses case-sensitive sorting when sorted by Path. Folders hierarchy uses case-insensitive sorting for its (default) path sorting. For the next 850 build I'll try to use case sensitive sorting in both cases, though, somebody may complain (or not) as folders hierarchy sorting will change a bit.
  10. @n0j0e thanks for the file, no issues for this one for me - both streams play OK.
  11. Thanks for the details on the problem - most probably will be fixed in the next 850 build.
  12. You can also change that gain by yourself in Settings / Audio / Direct Volume Control. Thanks!
  13. @h4rdtr4nce if you’re willing to help, I can prepare build with the extended logging for you - captured logs most probably will show if this is network issue or something else. Thanks!
  14. @pauldamo yes, this is addressed in the next 850 build (to be released as beta tonight then as release). Thanks!
  15. @8888u OK, can you please test this build? Thanks!
  16. When you disable dvc (No DVC option per output or globally) and you don't use equalizer/tone much, so you don't need that extra -6dB gain for it and what sound be louder.
  17. My G7 @ 8.0 has DTS:X, but V30 @ 8.0 (LG-H903DS) - doesn't, so this may be region / per specific model feature. Also, sound by default shouldn't be distorted with the default (Hi-Res or standard res) output and flat/disable Equalizer/Tone - no matter if DVC is no or off. Try Restore defaults for audio outputs?
  18. @BROKEN then it should work with Poweramp Hi-Res output ("No DVC" should be enabled for that output) too. Unfortunately my LG devices stuck on Android 8. BTW That DTS thing (At least for G7 @ 8.0) does small equalization + some stereo expansion - easily reproducible via Poweramp tone + StereoX controls. In next builds I will rename StereoX to DSTHD HRXS 3D PRO 🙂
  19. Thanks for the log. Most probably, incoming connection is blocked (there is a connection from Chromecast back to your android device where Poweramp acts as server. This differs from youtube or gpm casting, when chromecast connects to internet and the android device is used just as a remote control). It's either a firewall on the device itself or in your local network (if chromecast is in different net or you have some firewall rules set to local wifi network) or Chromecast is in other subnet and no port forwarding/routing exist, etc.
  20. The built in system wide effects usually don’t work with hi-res and/or DVC. Some devices/firmwares may force standard resolution if system effects are enabled (e.g. dolby for OnePlus and similar devices). PS UAPP doesn’t show the actual playback parameters for internal dacs - it shows the user selected parameters, in your case resampling back to standard resolution happens, most probably, allowing system effect.
  21. @8888u thanks for the log. There will be another hidden build soon.
  22. Please contact me (pm, email) if you need any help with this app. Thanks!
  23. Thanks for the report. The selection is the focus selection as some sort of hardware keyboard is detected (for a headunit it’s probably those hardware buttons). I’ll try to polish this.
  24. @LePetit_w your rom variant doesn’t have ability to detect that (aosp bug, though fixed in OnePlus Roms). Just disable No DVC For Absolute Volume option.
  25. Thanks for the report. As you know this firmware beta is strictly limited by specific countries, so I don’t have it yet on my devices. If you can share log captured right after you see a problem in Poweramp this may help to fix it without local testing. From previous log there was a strange crash in the framework code which is not in Aosp Android 10 sources. The issues don’t exist on other Android 10 variants, so I guess next firmware updates should fix it.
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