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  1. @Yash O some details about your device, Android version, Poweramp build may help reproducing the issue. Thanks!
  2. @loft please try to capture video/audio from the device when the issue happens (share it with gpmaxmpz@gmail.com). If video captures that audio behavior, we’ll know it’s not the BT stack, but something is happening before audio is transmitted.
  3. @rala currently 2 options modify category header Shuffle button: behavior: - Shuffle all songs in folder hierarchy - Shuffle category songs
  4. @ryadre also, if by any means settings from the previous Poweramp installation are reused on the new device (settings could be automatically restored by Google cloud service on app install or manually), I would recommend using “Restore Defaults” option in: - Audio / Output - Audio / Advanced tweaks Thanks!
  5. @MarsOrBust Poweramp is tested time to time for the prolonged playback. I will retest that on the latest Samsung firmwares, as those seem to tighten background apps even more, though if dontkillmyapp recommendations are applied, player should not be killed. Anyway, even killing the app shouldn’t disable eq. Does Equ button become disabled? Or is Equ button enabled, but equalization does not happen?
  6. @Prosenjit bass dynamic range change (for the same preset/knob values) may be associated with the DVC state change. Go to Direct Volume Control settings and verify DVC works. If you use BT device/headset, it should be connected for the correct detection.
  7. @andrewilley if “File Access Legacy Mode” option is used (use search in Poweramp settings to find it), disable it then go to Settings / Folders and Library / Music Folders and re-add and check appropirate music folders.
  8. @zeeya depending on device there can be no (audible) difference at all, though devices surely differ in due to the hardware/firmware, and settings.
  9. Not possible currently on Android, sorry.
  10. @Aller2TeaM this is minor ui bug, the actual value is visible to the left. Thanks for the report.
  11. Build 910: preset selection won't override "No Equ/Tone" option anymore bug fixes and stability improvements translations updates
  12. @Ali Rahal on Qualcomms, 3.5 (or analog usb dongle to 3.5) output is usually implemented as Direct output, and this doesn’t allow effects by default. Samsungs are capable of hi-res equalization, even on Qualcomms, but there are other issues (such as wrong sample rate reported for hi-res outputs). Generally hi-res equalization is not recommended - both due to the technical issues and just for a common sense, as you certainly loose that accuracy you want from hi-res audio. Poweramp player will do it though, as its equalizer is independent from the firmware. Also it usually works ok for LDAC 96khz.
  13. @John Titor database inconsistency (eg. player has been killed during scan). Try “Full Rescan” once from the Settings.
  14. @MotleyG I would add that only tag information is deleted on Full rescan. Also Poweramp will notice the missing storages (such as ejected sd card) and will clear track info for these.
  15. Interesting. Equalizer doesn’t intercept or otherwise handle volume keys for volume at all. The only volume keys related functionality is long press track change, but in this case volume keys not intercepted as well (Equalizer gets only long presses).
  16. @Ali Rahal unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the issue - both graphic and parametric presets are being restored on long press on Reset.
  17. @Ali Rahal do you mean you want presets automatically shared between apps?
  18. @Ali Rahal do you use Hi-res output? If so, “Emulate media” Poweramp option may help in this case. Thanks!
  19. @M Akmal even if no equ is enabled for the output, manual preset selection will override it and enable the eq. As for automatic preset selection - it shouldn’t - that will be fixed. Thanks!
  20. @Ali Rahal thanks for the request, but Equalizer only changes audio for the players, it doesn't use any output or produce sound by itself to output to. Also, usually players with Hi-Res (direct) output (such as Powermap player) do not support "external" equalization via equalizer apps (depends on device firmware, true for Qualcomm based).
  21. @Backsilent99 autosave enabled as any sudden preset change, manual of automatic, will otherwise drop all your changes, and parametric mode requires a lot of manual work you don’t want to loose. Obviously “parametric mode” is really a parametric eq: you have “classic” set of parameters you can change - pretty much the same way in any other parametric equalizer out there. The implementation detail (linear phase FIR FFT based equalizer which DynamicProcessing implements) does not prevent parametric equalization at all. (Obviously other developers wonder how it can be done, as that reddit one. Just good amount of math required, but nothing outside known DSP theory.)
  22. @Backsilent99 see my post above - Apple music works out of box with the latest Equalizer build. If it doesn’t work for you please be more specific regarding your device, Android, Apple music, Equalizer versions. This may help to reproduce the issue. Try resetting Equalizer Known Players / Apple Music settings to defaults. Also try setting Apple music crossfade to automatic. Thanks!
  23. @John Titor it’s possible within one skin currently, but I’ve got your idea - added to the TODO. Thanks!
  24. @John Titor right, sorry, that is player only feature. It’s not in equalizer as: - temporary equ/tone “off” works by simple zero-gains preset - DVC is already configurable for BT, but in any way, highly recommended to use If there are request for the further per output configuration support/profiles, I guess that can be added later.
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