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  1. Thanks for the file. Yes Poweramp FFmpeg decoder can't parse seektable for this file and can't seek in it. If possible, this will be fixed in the next Poweramp builds.
  2. @mikprog if you mean some NAS mounted to local directory, for Poweramp is a local storage and it scans tags as usual. Scanning tags requires full file access, but not the whole file - just seeks should be properly handled by the mounted filesystem.
  3. Thanks for the report, I’ll try to reproduce/fix this if possible.
  4. @andrewilley with the “Track Provider API” Poweramp doesn’t expect anything from local or remote storages, but it still needs folder/track hierarchy and metadata. There are plugins in the development which provide this info for services like Deezer, Soundcloud, Yandex.music, etc., but that requires some extra effort from the plugin author to add some functionality to the so-called Android Storage Access Framework API to provide either a metadata or specific fast seekable file descriptors, avoiding complete files downloading to the device.
  5. This is Android message, which complains about something what was not considered a problem by FFmpeg team. For the v3 upgraded FFmpeg library mitigates this issue and obviously no such messages there.
  6. Depending on Android variant and Android-compatibility, Poweramp will suggest either the default location which is guaranteed to be writeable by Poweramp (/Android/data..) or it will show system picker to select the location. Thanks!
  7. @anniebody The security is the standard Google captcha. Usually it just requires clicking the checkbox, unless you’re on some spam-associated public network. The forum templates are optimized for mobile (by Invision, we use cloud hosting on their servers).
  8. Poweramp uses last directory and file name to match playlist songs. If your new device have your music: - in the last directory named differently - in your case, not in exactly “Julio’s Music SD” folder - or in folders not checked/allowed in Settings / Library / Music Folders tracks won’t be matched, but there will be just unplayable entires in recent Poweramp builds. Your list is empty so I wonder what Poweramp build is it.
  9. @Citizen Snips Poweramp can do custom notification too, but you’ll loose some (media style) notification goodies such as seekbar and colored background: Settings / Look and feel / Notification / Notification type. Thanks!
  10. In Poweramp the only place where this is possible is Info/Tags popup - so each artist will navigate to separate category if the option enabled.
  11. @Absinthequ your concerns are valid and all the logic/organization problems is what is slowing down this feature implementation. Also add Album Artist tag (which may replace, compliment, or can be ignored; and can also affect album categorization) to the mix. Currently I see multiple artists feature as optional addition of those artists into Artists and Album Artists categories. Everything else is not affected, i.e. albums are still split based one whole tag, joined artists are shown everywhere (as it is now), etc.
  12. @TacoEmergency ok, thanks. Based on that here is a custom build. If it works for you, changes will be further available in the next beta builds: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/19241-872/
  13. @superluig164 For genres it’s already possible to set the splitting character (search settings for “genre”).
  14. Do you want combined artists (as they are now) to exist in library when multiple artists feature is implemented? Currently for Poweramp Artist1;Artist2 is a single artists category entry and splitting these to 2 artists may be (will be) unexpected by some users.
  15. Does your headunit it have internet connection (even temporary)? If so, can you please send a log from Poweramp settings / Get Support / Send Log right after you start Poweramp (preferable after throwing it away from recents apps)? Thanks!
  16. The latest build 871 includes all those changes. In your case you probably want to enable File Access Legacy Mode (search in Settings). Thanks !
  17. @1814239758 thanks but log from last version (871) is required.
  18. @SaneComputing this is because your device allocates less than 128mb per app. Each 24bit image is 4-18mb and we need some memory for player itself;-) PS per image memory allocation depends on color depth (24/16 bit), dimensions (Poweramp uses 512x512, 1024x1024, 1536x1536 texture sizes) and hardware bitmap format support, which reduces memory taken by 2 (Android 9+, except meizu which has this feature broken). So standard hi-res 24 bit 1024x1024 image takes 1024(size)*1024(size)*4(24bits color)*2(pre-9 Android “tax”) = 8mb on Android pre-9, 4mb for Android 9+.
  19. Two things may change this on/off status w/o user clicking on them: - per output No Equ/Tone option - preset Thanks!
  20. Unchecking Short Audio Focus in Settings / Audio / Audio Focus should do that.
  21. Is this one background image everywhere, or just for list or for other locations as well? Thanks!
  22. @jameske91 This is because you have absolute volume disabled and DVC enabled. For bluetooth DVC requires disabling Absolute volume phone settings. Please review Poweramp settings / Audio / Direct Volume Controls (DVC) options. Alternatively DVC can be disabled, that will resolve volume issue, but equalizer/tone dynamic range (ability to amplify frequency bands, especially basses without overloading) will be limited. Thanks
  23. @M Akmal Please note that I don't have this particular device on hand for testing, so real output may be standard definition if device force-resamples audio back to 48/16. This can be only verified by capturing 3.5 output and analyzing the spectrum.
  24. This can happen if you overloaded you basses and DVC is most probably disabled or volume is too high. In this case Limiter works by reducing overall peaks. You will hear obvious overloading (clipping) if you disable limiter. Solutions are: - enable DVC - or reduce preamp
  25. @F4in7 the current 871 build doesn't increase resolution for screens below 1000px wide (as such devices usually don't have enough memory and quality difference is not that high), but here is a custom build for you which will do the increasing when option is enabled:
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