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Found 24 results

  1. Poweramp build: 941-945 Android Version: 12, ColorOS 12.1 Device: Oppo A74 5G Steps to reproduce: connect to a Chromecast device via Poweramp, and then close the session. The chromecast volume still remains in the volume tray of my device until I reboot the entire phone. This does not happen with other apps such as YouTube or Spotify.
  2. this problem is only on a specific Bluetooth device hi there i have been using Poweramp for over a year with dvc enabled and i heard that this improves sound and increases Poweramp control over audio hardware but i have a problem with this specific Bluetooth speaker (jbl flip 4 ) where sound gets very weird as soon as i enable dvc how wierd? 1-sound gets drastically low and I'm not talking about a small change 20 % with absolute volume sounds louder than 62% with dvc how come? 2-the sound quality itself is wierd and the bass release is very short than usual like its as if the speaker is underwater with that bass 3-the highs are a little distorted and unnatural , mids and highs in general are very flat with dvc enabled So yeah dvc seems to be causing alot of audio problems with my jbl flip 4 however it sounds completely normal on my samsung buds pro which is also a Bluetooth iem by the way My settings: 1-equalizer is disabled 2-preamp is at 0 db No external sound effects are enabled 3-i disabled absolute volume from android developer settings as it was said that it should solve the low volume problem but thats not the case So what is happening here with this specific device?
  3. Add support for hardware volume just like UAPP and Neutron.
  4. Checkout the attatched archieve. It contains: a logcat captured when the bug happened a spectrogram/explanation video at the same time when the bug happened a music file used recreate the bug a note on what time (internet time) the bug happened Timestamp & clock is shown in the video. Tell me if you need anything more. Also, please consider adding hi-res support for Android 12 like what we had in Android 9. Poweramp build number: build-941-bundle-play Device model: Mi 12S Ultra Android version: 12 Custom ROM name/version: MIUI Steps to reproduce: Clean install of Poweramp, play a song (particularly with medium to large volume difference in different parts of the song) and listen for the volume changes that shouldn't be there. 941-issue.zip
  5. When playing songs (from album list) to chromecast, and I've set a volume, song plays as desired volume. When song ends, next song automatically plays, also at desired volume. But.... If before the end of the song i click the skip button (to get to the next song) the volume resets to the previous (usually louder) volume. 1. The volume should not change when switching songs 2. Not sure where this initial volume level is sourced... It is always louder than i have ever chosen recently. Again, I'm not sure if this is a related introduced regression, or an independent bug (at least, i consider it a problem for stress-free app usage) I suspect it is a regression introduced after changes made for https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/19248-handle-volume-with-hardware-buttons-while-streaming-via-chromecast/?tab=comments#comment-85263 As i only noticed it after that.
  6. Absolute Volume option is missing in Developer options... how to turn on DVC? Please help.
  7. The volume control is limited to 15 steps since updating my Samsung Galaxy S10 to Android 12. Can this be fixed?
  8. Is there a feature in Poweramp that causes the volume to go up/down as I travel faster/slower? If so, I can't seem to find the option. It's been doing this over Bluetooth and has been getting annoying in the car.
  9. Hello. I got Poweramp a few months ago and I really enjoy the attention to detail when it comes to the mixing and equalizing. However, one feature I would love to have included more in the app, is drums! When I start editing the different part, it often drown out the drums a bit. Or sometimes the drums in certain songs could simply use some more punch or overall volume, depending on the genre. I don't know if it is even possible to implement something like this into Poweramp, but I think being able to bring more attention to the drums sounds in music is always a nice touch 🙌 - Mickey
  10. Hi is IT possible to set thé volume And balance And lock IT do that other Apps or volume buttons cannot change IT? Of course that for example an incoming calls Will have their own volume level. Thanks
  11. Whenever i turn the volume down, it's not lowering "smoothly" but with steps and noticeable "stutter" (audio still there). I think I tweaked this before, but I forgot which setting is it after reinstall lol. It happens on all output devices (speaker, wired headphones, and bluetooth wireless headphone--mine is Redmi Airdots).
  12. Hello everybody, I got a new Android phone and wasn't happy with the volume and lack of bass when running Poweramp through my car's Bluetooth audio. I've taken the following steps to improve the issue: -Disabled Absolute Volume Control in Android dev options. - Turned off EQ in Poweramp because the preamp was set to a negative value, I may play around with EQ later. -Currently have DVC turned off and Headroom gain set to zero because the default -6 db was the main factor killing my volume (would love advice on this setting). My questions: any lovers of loud bass heavy music with other suggestions on increasing volume without losing sound quality? Will my changes stay permanent or reset after updates? Why do Poweramp and Android combine forces to shush my music (ironic given the name POWER AMP)?
  13. Hello there, new user. I just started using Poweramp after coming to Android from iOS, so far I think it's a tremendous app, tons of great options and customizability, but the one problem like many Android apps seem to have is no volume slider on the main screen. I know there is a volume knob in the EQ settings but I think adding a knob or slider on the main player screen would be great for those of us who don't want to press the hardware buttons all the time, it would not be difficult to implement as an option. Also, perhaps the ability to slide up and down on the album art to increase the volume and decrease. Anyway, great app aside from that so far, I will probably be buying the full version! Thanks.
  14. Linear volume control works strangely when it comes to controlling music volume (like 80-90% of total loudness on 50% volume). It would be nice to see logarithmic volume control option in Audio - Advanced Tweaks (and it would require us to use music levels option, I guess) > Logarithmic potentiometers increase their resistance on a curve. At the halfway point the volume will still be moderate, but it will increase sharply as you keep turning up the volume. This corresponds to how the human ear hears.
  15. Hello hello guys please help me I need to activate volume buttons skip tracks opinion. But I get the error when I'm use the ADB command please help me. Please check that attachment screenshot with the error message. I'm using the latest Realme 7 pro smartphone.
  16. Would be nice if Poweramp could ignore system volume level setting and have its own setting. For example, when I change my system music playback volume (for YouTube/other players), volume of Poweramp also changes and syncs with system. I want to Poweramp to have its own volume setting so that changing system audio volume doesn't affect Poweramp.
  17. Hi I finally got the Android Pie update on my Galaxy Note 8. Then I noticed, that the volume of some or most of the tracks is suddenly too low. I'm not quite sure if this goes for all the tracks or only the flac's (at least 50% of my albums are in lossless quality). I didn't have the time to test enough until now. I learned so far, that this has something to do with Samsung took over audio volume processing or something... Could anybody please inform me, what's the cause of this? Will Poweramp fix this? Can I change certain settings in Android Settings or Poweramp Settings to at least have louder volume again on flac's? I'm no sound expert, so help would be much appreciated! I tried to disable DVC and the sound got a bit louder, but I'm not sure if this is really the solution?!
  18. Now, I could be wrong about this but prior to upgrading to Android 11, DVC actually worked for me with the individual volume control that Samsung's SoundAssistant had for multiple apps. (take this with a grain of salt though because I could be incorrect however) DVC is absolutely crucial for me due to how it impressively improves my Dynamic range, as stated in the settings and I just can't go without it now. The difference for me is drastic. But...I love to play games on my phone and listen to tunes, and I will turn down the volume seperately for Poweramp and keep the game I am playing at the system-wide volume very very often. Is there any way there could be a fix to this? As when I use SoundAssistant to change the Poweramp's app-specific volume it works for about 2 seconds then returns to the system-wide volume. Thank you for reading this, if any of you know any information as to why this is, or isn't possible, please let me know.
  19. Poweramp: v3-build-884-arm64-play [884004-9876041fv3-build-884-arm64-play [884004-9876041f] Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G OS: Android 10 Issue: Facebook notifications blare from my phone speakers during playback; they neither pause the music nor playback at the source. For example, if I'm connected via Bluetooth to a device and receive a Facebook notification it plays exclusively from my phone's loudspeaker at a volume that presumably matches the setting in Poweramp for the current playback device. So if PA device volume for the current device is at 75, the notification is played on my phone at that volume. I know this is separate from my phone's notification volume because it is always set just one notch above mute. Music resumes once the notification tone stops or I swipe the pop-down away at the top of the screen.
  20. I would like a knob widget to control the volume from the home screen, so I would use less the volume buttons and extend the life of those buttons
  21. Poweramp version: v3-build-874 Device: Nokia 6.1 Plus Android version: Android 10/Security Patch 1 May Rom: Android One I don't know how to describe this bug, but this bug appeared since the first Android 10 update. Every time I start listening to music using a headset, I need to adjust the volume to almost 100% so that I can listen to it, at a volume level of 60% the sound that comes out is very small. I tried using the default Android One music player, Google Play Music, the 60% volume level became too loud for me. Also, the only output that can be used is Hi Res, try using OpenSl Es and AudioTrack output, but the sound that comes out is intermittent. I tried the disable dvc option in the Hi Res output, the volume is normal, but it caused other bugs. The best solution I can do is restart every time I start listening to music using a headset.
  22. as the picture shows my device is xiaomi mix2s,performing on miui now the problem is the volume would minimize itself when the DVC turning on together with HIRes output.In other word,to normalize the volume,between DVC and HiRes,only one of them could be turned on. I have not come across this situation ever before untile my devices update to the latest miui version.and the only way to rectify is to reboot the phone.but this methed just can maintain for the first use of Poweramp after reboot.it fail valid once you break off the music. hope to reach for your help,thanks!!
  23. Hello, when you play music while navigating and there is an announcement from Google Maps for example, the volume from the music (Poweramp) is turned down for the duration of the announcement and up again after it finishes. I like this behavior because I can then understand the announcement easier. This is however done through suddenly jumping the volume level up/down. It would be much more pleasing for the ears, if the volume would be slightly faded up and down like Spotify already does. Thanks!
  24. Running Poweramp and beeing on my lock screen I cannot change the volume by the earphone´s remote. Play/pause and skip (double click) works very well. If I double click volume up or down it triggers LG´s special features (camera and notepad). Same misbehavior when using the hardware buttons on the left side of my phone. Tried different earphones. With unlocked phone and on android's home screen the volume buttons change the ring tone's volume. With unlocked phone and onscreen Poweramp the remote works very well and changes the earphone's volume. Anybody else with this problem? Any hint to solve this? Phone: LG V30; LG-H930; Rev.1.1 Android 9; Kernel 4.4.153 Poweramp: v3-build-853-arm64-play [853004-eab856f2]
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