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  1. @F4in7 That would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. There are plans for synchronized lyrics support. The primary source is LRC files, but I guess some tag formats will be supported as well. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the detailed issue description. Does this happen for stock (or any other) player? If it does, it’s some system level feature/bug/option. Poweramp just receives system message and reacts accordingly: it pauses, ducks volume, or does nothing. In Poweramp this is controlled via: Audio / Audio Focus options and per specific Audio / Output / <active output> / <active device> / No Duck option, which forces “pause” behavior. Also, if you’re using hi-res output, try to use standard definition outputs (AudioTrack / OpenSL).
  4. @F4in7 for embedded covers it should work as soon as you enable Increase Resolution option. No cache resets are needed as album art is there, in tracks. If you feel some track cover is not high quality as it should be, please share the track for tests, preferable via player: select file / Send / Gmail / gpmaxmpz@gmail.com. Thanks!
  5. Build 871: new Increase Resolution option improved cover image quality for some usage scenarios bug fixes and stability improvements
  6. @Vuursteen can you publish an Audio Detection Log screenshot please?
  7. @1814239758 Also, log from Poweramp Settings / Audio / Advanced Tweaks / Audio Outputs Detection Log will be useful, as always.
  8. Thanks for the requests. Actually, for longer screens (2:1, and those are quite common for modern devices), there is enough space even for "alternative layout" for extra lines, so added to the backlog. That would be optional of course and I guess won't be property supported for the short screens.
  9. Thanks for the request. As Poweramp has no such category as "set of playlists", I guess it can be a "targeted search" with the playlists with the given track as search results. @LighSark actually, that add to playlist dialog supports multiple selection - just long press item there and checkboxes appear.
  10. I’ve just updated and tested S10+ with Poweramp 871 and no stuttering for the default settings and wired headphones. If you settings/usage scenario differs, please let me know. Thanks!
  11. There are 0 changes in this regard, but I guess you updated to Android 10? It works OK on my device, but it's on Android 9 and no Android 10 OTA on sight.
  12. @cees thanks for the details. Poweramp uses Shuffle songs and categories mode when header shuffle button is pressed. This mode shuffles both songs and (when given category finishes and Advance list is enabled or manual category navigation with <<< >>> or swipe is used) it shuffles categories too. I can't readily reproduce any difference in shuffling Years vs, saying, Artists. Though there is a difference between what is shuffled depending on where header shuffle button is pressed. If in just "root" Years, the each year "All year songs" categories shuffled. If shuffle is pressed inside some particular year (2020), then the "Year albums" is the target shuffled category.
  13. @theobjr What audio focus? Poweramp will remove notification when other music/video/game app takes focus. Poweramp will not pause and will duck for short notification. These are default settings and they may vary depending on the audio focus settings, audio output and appropriate output settings. Thanks!
  14. @Omestra thanks for the test track. Seems like flac seektable corruption, so some decoders won't seek or play this file.
  15. @ScarletNeko can you share your track (in case of embedded cover) or cover image itself for tests? Thanks!
  16. @Ahmet Burak then it's not directly related to Poweramp. I would advise unpairing your BT device from phone and pairing it again, especially if Android has updated recently on the phone. Thanks!
  17. Poweramp streams raw (decoded) PCM. While this requires more data to be sent to the chromecast device, it also ensures we don’t double recompress audio (thus higher quality/less compression artifacts) and also all supported formats are “castable”.
  18. Build 870: bug fixes and stability improvements
  19. @Bun-Bun It's open source https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.google.android.sambadocumentsprovider/ but it has bugs and not on Play.
  20. @Umesh Chamara Thanks for the reports, this is fixed in the next build.
  21. @Aeolus In your case, LG for some reason specifically removed qualcomm branding in few places Poweramp uses to detect Snapdragon. Can you please share your build.props file (or install Device Info HW app and share the first General tab)?
  22. @AG2 you can try to force Poweramp to use/display Album Artist instead of Artist via Settings / Library / Lists / Album Artist Label for Tracks (check), Album Artist Label for Albums (check). Also you may want to select Album Artists in Library header menu / List Options (and uncheck simple Artists). Thanks!
  23. Generally the samba plugin should be modified a bit to allow that. It should allow so called seekable file descriptors for Poweramp to handle scanning effectively.
  24. Right, that will be fixed. Thanks!
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