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  1. Build 849: fix for some Android 5.0 ROMs / custom ROMs translations updates
  2. You can also just enable Show Cue Images option. This way both cues virtual folders and the original track will be always visible in library.
  3. At this moment, no, as Poweramp shuffle mode (or playlist resorting) is non weighted random. The weighted random (ability to make some tracks to play more or less frequently) is a planned feature, but I guess it won’t help with your usecase. The problem here is a usable UI for things like this.
  4. @PChwdhry added Bengali here: https://crowdin.com/translate/poweramp-player/6927/enus-bn
  5. @djdarko if this happens for the specific cue, can you please share it for tests (gpmaxmpz@gmail.com). Thanks!
  6. This may be a first block with this rate (Poweramp doesn't update VBR bitrates constantly - there is little point in doing this on mobile device powered by battery). If you can share the track (gmpaxmpz@gmail.com) - I can test it and say for sure or polish usecases like this. THanks!
  7. Sorry, what buttons do you mean? Screenshot may be?
  8. Unfortunately, at this moment in current Poweramp builds there is nothing to fix - Poweramp build 847 played 24 hours OK - no any battery issue detected. Please check the topic header for useful fix to reduce battery consumption.
  9. Build 848: fix for Samsung Android 10 beta firmware
  10. Provided "No DVC.." option is disabled, Poweramp will try to enable it for bluetooth. But it will work properly only if absolute volume / (or media sync) is actually disabled.
  11. Thanks for the log. Seems like some debugging checking code in the ROM. I prepared build which fixes that, but there can be issues in other parts, of course. See here:
  12. If you can capture log (logcat) from the device (via adb), that can be helpful as I'll be able to fix issue remotely, probably. Thanks!
  13. On the devices I have in test lab hi-res normally wouldn't introduce any noticeable battery usage (overall consumption will be may be 15-25% higher, some devices will be louder / will use a bit more power consuming DAC amplifier mode, but nothing that can be categorized as battery drain).
  14. For the Equalizer the following features are planned (short term): - parametric UI - selectable number of bands for graphical (i.e. current) UI - per-device name assignments
  15. Thanks for the report. I guess most of the issues will be fixed/polished over time (and when at least beta will be available on my devices). I would recommend fresh app reinstall though or data clean, as your issue seems to be related to the broken app database. Thanks!
  16. Poweramp asks audio subsystem about parameters used. Some ROMs/devices may fail with this on various levels: the parameters may be available only after playback started with the delay the parameters can be from previous playback session (mtk devices) the parameters can be a lie (all Samsungs) Poweramp tries to filter out such devices/ROMs, but as there are 2000+ Android models each year + many custom ROMs, so that's not always possible. Some use cases, like playback-delayed parameters will be probably rectified in the next builds, some - won't (as Samsungs case - to get actual playback parameters, extra permissions for app are required).
  17. @Si6776 see header of this topic for useful tips. For example here is a build 847 14 hours non stop playback stats from quite a low end phone: Also note that if you use hi-res 192khz, it's 4x more heavy weight vs normal res. If you use incorrectly configured output (when there is extra resampling stages from hi-res back to standard res) that adds as well. On S9+ Poweramp can play more than 24 hours non-stop on 40% volume.
  18. Build 847: improved stream bitrate detection improved stream metadata fetching 44.1 kHz for Chromecast Audio bug fixes
  19. @VolumeMadness if you mean auto resume on bluetooth connection, there is a new option: Settings / Audio Focus / Wait For Storage. Though, it only works with Resume On Start. By itself Poweramp has only 0.5s (or 2s on some xiaomi devices) delay before playback is resumed by Headset/Bluetooth / Resume on Bluetooth option. Longer delays most probably means it's device who sends PAUSE then RESUME commands on connection, you can check if this is so in Poweramp Headset/Bluetooth / Last Processed Commands (after device resumed Poweramp).
  20. @ajzam.inc Have you also added Unlocker? I could reproduce it with the default settings, but once set to no restrictions no any glitches can be heard (at least for 30 minutes). Also, you may try reducing Sampling Rate to 96kHz and raising Audio Buffers, saying to ~65ms, 3x buffers.
  21. Poweramp may save those playlists if they are changed, but for playback they don't differ from any other category.
  22. Settings / Library / Queue / On Queue End - Stay in Queue/Repeat Queue. Thanks!
  23. @ajzam.inc Device settings / Apps / Manage apps / Poweramp / Battery saver / No restrictions. Do this for Poweramp Full Version Unlocker, if you have it (system can't distinguish Poweramp main app from Unlocker), then restart Poweramp app. Thanks!
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