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  1. I can use Poweramp for connecting with BT to my Samsung Soundbar but it is not stable enough and I can’t walk out of the room without connection lost of BT. With my Samsung music app I can connect with Wifi to my sounbar, just like spotify etc. With Poweramp this is not working now so I hope this will be able to do in the future. The samsung music app is nice but is not Poweramp so that’s why I like Poweramp to get this option to. Thanks
  2. Great that Google chromecast will be supported. When will it be available you think? Thanks
  3. One more question. Can it also work with Google chromecast audio over wifi or does Poweramp only support bluethooth?
  4. So the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter should do the job?
  5. I use Poweramp on my Android phone to play my music in my car over bluethooth. I want to do the same in my living room. What bluethooth device is an option to connect to my home cinema set so I can play my music with Poweramp in my living room? Thanks.
  6. Found the solution already. I had to turn on the Android Lock screen. All good now.
  7. Yesterday my bluethooth connection stopped working between my Samsung S7 and my car system and I had to change a fuse to get that working again. Everything is working again now except for the metadata on my car system display. That worked before yesterday well with Poweramp so I checked all my settings and they were still the same on my phone. So I checked with the Samsung Music app if that app would display metadata on my car system display and that info was displayed well. So no problem on my phone and car but I do now with Poweramp. What can I try or do to get the info back up running again? I did play with some metadata settings but no joy there so far. Now all it is saying is Unknown for everything on the display in my car. Thanks
  8. Does this also continue when switching from playlist and back?
  9. Okay thanks. So if I understand correctly each song in the playlist is played only once until all songs in the playlist have been played?
  10. I'm still using Winamp as a music player on my PC and what I love about Winamp is the option to remove played songs from the playlist and save that state when it's closed. This way I never hear the same song twice. I use Poweramp on my S7 for a couple of days now and that option I could not found and miss that already. Is it possible to add that option to Poweramp? This way I can switch between playlists and only hear the songs that are not played yet. Thanks
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