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Requests for Hi-Res Support (please state which build of Poweramp you are using)


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Hi maxmp. My problem is that hi res worked fine in 790 update , but in version 793 ( I can't remember surely)



only the usb dac appears in the hi res section and my phone seems not to support hi res. It does not work the same in 795. Please help me with this.

My phone model: Lenovo K5 Note a7020a48

Android version: 6.0 Vibe UI 3.5

Is this related with subject I don't know but I know that my phone has Dolby Atmos Audio.

 My audio_policy.conf file is here.



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Hello together. Hi-Res (v. 795) works fine on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 64GB Version, Global Rom with newest updates (MIUI Oreo 8.1). I have only one issue with it. If it runs with 24 Bit instead of 16 Bit I can't control the music from the smartphone, only from the connected Bluetooth device. Also the music starts everytime with max volume level. I use an Anker Soundcore Spirit XHeadphone and a TaoTronics Pulse X Bluetooth Speaker. On both devices the same issue. When i choose another output it works. After switching back to High-Res it runs on 16Bit with working Volume Control. When i restart Poweramp it runs on 24Bit and Volume control is only on the connected Bluetooth device possible with max volume level on start. 



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