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  1. I'm with the OP, It gets rediculous jumping one version to the other instead of working with thier device to get things to work on your devices. Sooner or later, you will do the right combo of versions to get it to work. I have 790 working on note 8 with OREO. At first other versions crashed, but there's a delay after reboot for the app to work. I've been there, done that. Max's development and apps are great, even if 790 isn't finalized.
  2. this release does NOT crash on me on the note 8 with oreo, and try waiting 5 mins after restart on a samsung and it wont crash. best thing is to not close all background apps. its br far MUCH better than last v3 alpha.
  3. it could be worse like me having sprint and samsung both plotting against each other says neither pushes out ota for security updates
  4. i moderate in a live chat forum and its sickening to see the flaming going on in here and i dont blame you for calling them out.
  5. all are on android oreo or nougat, i dont get the stay below 5.0
  6. yes the teeth thing is going on, even the moderator got sick of bumps and bashing. being with samsung 20 years and have worked under them, ive seen no player remotely close to Poweramp.