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Requests for Hi-Res Support (please state which build of Poweramp you are using)


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On 9/13/2018 at 7:37 PM, adhiNick said:
  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI
  2. Pixel Experience (AOSP Pie 9.0.0)
  3. Snapdragon 636
  • Poweramp 796-play
  • hi res only play at 48khz 16bit



Just want to give some heads up about my "hi res request" with custom rom.

Some rom doesn't support hi res like Pixel Experience, so I decide to download all available official rom from xda (pie & oreo) and test it one by one. Now I'm on arrow os pie and it support hi res playback for Poweramp..



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1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

2. Stock Android 8.0.0

3. Whatever DAC the note 8 has. I have a previous post in this thread, only have OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output available, and that only up to 192hz.

Hi-Res support hasn't worked for quite some time since switching to Android 8.0.0 but I know the phone is capable since I've had it before. 

Build : rc-797-uni

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On 18/9/2018 at 04:42, adhiNick said:

Voglio solo dare un po 'di testa alla mia "ciao richiesta" con la rom personalizzata.

Alcune rom non supportano l'alta risoluzione come Pixel Experience, quindi decido di scaricare tutte le rom ufficiali disponibili da xda (pie & oreo) e testarle una alla volta. Ora sono su Arrow OS pie e supporta la riproduzione ad alta risoluzione per Poweramp ..



thanks for the important info

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Huawei P9. I am not sure whether it supports Hires output or not. Anyone know?

1. Huawei P9 model EVA-L19

2. EMUI 5.0.4    Android 7.0 Stock ROM

3. HiSilicon Hi6402 audio codec (From ifixit) and 24-bit/192kHz audio support (From GSMAreana)

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Add more info about ROM
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Добавьте, пожалуйста, поддержку HiRes для плеера Fiio X7II. Уже полтора года ждем :rolleyes:

  • Fiio X7 Mark II
  • Android 5.1.1 stock
  • DAC: ES9028 PRO
audio_hw_modules {
  primary {
    outputs {
      primary {
        sampling_rates 44100|48000
        channel_masks AUDIO_CHANNEL_OUT_STEREO
        formats AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_16_BIT
      hifi_direct {
        sampling_rates 6000|8000|11025|22050|16000|24000|32000|64000|128000|44100|48000|88200|96000|176400|192000|352800|384000
        channel_masks AUDIO_CHANNEL_OUT_STEREO

Спасибо ;)


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1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x (Mido)

2. Android Pie (9.0) Lineage 16.0

3. Snapdragon 625 with Qualcomm aqstic audio that support 24bit 192khz with internal DAC


On Oreo I don't have any problem to play with direct HD output, when I'm move to Pie. It seems direct HD output it's work but no sound come if I'm use headset, and when I'm disable dvc sound is out but output drop to below 16bit 48Khz.

It same with other app too that can access internal DAC .

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On 9/14/2018 at 1:13 AM, Pmanikufesin said:

I just went back to beta preview build 790 uni full version because its the only build where Hi Res works on my LGV10 i got tired of waiting on a response from MXP or whomever was going to help me with getting Hi Res to work on 795 and 796 neither of these could activate Hi Res for my LGV10 so i guess preview build 790 will do and it sucks because it wont load my whole library of albums from my SD card or Internal memory is this build is ONLY a preview and not for day to day use but i got tired of not getting a response to help me out with this issue on 795 or 796 ...

I have the same problem with my LG V30, I've just had hi res output with build 790, I tried to disable hi-fi quac dac with no sucess.

LG V30 with 8.0 stock rom rooted.


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