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  1. If visualisation eq was present in amoled screens then it would have looked good can you add this feature Poweramp?
  2. Can you try adding option for visual EQ for always on display it will look cool on AMOLED display Mobiles.
  3. OnePlus 5 (A5000) Android version (8.1.0), OS version(OP5_O2_BETA_17) Snapdragon 835 powered devices with the latest Aqstic codec. On the PCM side, the WCD9341 now supports up to 384-kHz/32-bit audio. Currently i'am using your Poweramp 795 and my device is not assigned for hi res.
  4. No sir I am trying to tell that mobile speaker should work as stereo using speaker piece and bottom speaker,like iPhone 7 has .
  5. Add stereo option on music player to increase better sound effect 2.0ch through ear piece speakers and main speaker.
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