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  1. I have gone from Oreo to pie and back. Sadly, pie isn't seemingly sourced for Poweramp source codes. Sad I must go to Oreo just so it plays. Sound and tones or eq needs work. I love the player, but we need to hear from max if it indeed is a pie one ui issue.
  2. Oreo was excellent. I even flashed it back to Oreo to see it was perfect in oreo. Speaker output, when using eq, severely distorted. I have a perfect new note 9. Max,please say a patch is coming. I have 820 version.
  3. build 793 or 795 Galaxy Note 9 android 8.1 seeking hi res 24 bit only for speaker its only showing 16 bit 46 khz for speaker even has my usb and bt same. use to have hires in android 8.0
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