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  1. Just to close the circle- the new build of JRMC does indeed solve this issue for my ogg vorbis and opus exports and seeing the embedded art in Poweramp. Thanks!
  2. JRiver took a look at all of my example files and found the below" So, once the new build if JRMC is out I will test- thought I would share this is case it leads to any adjustment into how Poweramp deals with files with the extra line breaks.
  3. All true. It's mostly laziness that the art size is unchanged and the bitrate is that high on my export. JRMC won't auto change the art size for me on conversion (and I want the orginal art in the flac files to be on the high end) and while the ogg encoder can be told to resample, it won't do so dynamically based on the source file. The vast majority of my flacs are 48khz and below so, when the occasional 96+ file slips in, I don't bother to correct it. edited to add: after some digging I did find a way for JRMC to downsample to more reasonable 48/44 depending on the source sample rate. It doesn't do it in in the encoder, but I can do it by automatically applying a DSP before it encodes the file. I can the target downsample based on the sample of each source. I am reconverting now to see what the real world difference in the size is for the library i copy to my phone.
  4. If it helps nearly all of my music is archived in FLAC. You can listen to transcodes to either ogg vorbis or opus and judge for yourself. IMO both vorbis and opus beat mp3. I don't have golden ears, but when I listen with iems (JHaudio jh16v2) MP3s fatigue me, opus and ogg vorbis less so. For car listening I can't say I hear any difference between the formats. If my next phone has more than 128GB of memory, then I'll likely just keep my files in flac. my weird habits aside, I appreciate you looking into it.
  5. Does any of this new info help point to a solution?
  6. Also should have updated that I switched to OGG Vorbis hoping for different results but see the same thing, so this is not an OPUS thing. The above files are OGG.
  7. here are the three files mentioned in the previous post. FYI, the JRiver Media Center team is also checking these files. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12n9sSw6RlcgXR0ylhrHhlmM335Mr2tTd?usp=sharing
  8. After examining a number of files it appears that the "Picture Bits Per Pixel" tag is causing errors with reading the embedded artwork in the file. JRMC is writing to that tag. MP3Tag strips it out and also strips out the picture dimension tags. and the DBpoweramp converter writes the dimension tags but not the "Picture Bits Per Pixel" tag. Is it possible that this "Picture Bits Per Pixel" tag is causing an issue for Poweramp? Here is the EXIF info: File 1 (embedded art not showing in Poweramp): Picture Type : Front Cover Picture MIME Type : image/png Picture Description : Picture Width : 700 Picture Height : 700 Picture Bits Per Pixel : 32 Picture Indexed Colors : 0 Picture Length : 905796 Picture : (Binary data 905796 bytes, use -b option to extract) File 2 (working, tags resaved by mp3tag) Picture Type : Front Cover Picture MIME Type : image/png Picture Description : Picture Width : 0 Picture Height : 0 Picture Bits Per Pixel : 0 Picture Indexed Colors : 0 Picture Length : 905796 Picture : (Binary data 905796 bytes, use -b option to extract) File 3 (working, encoded with dbpoweramp) Picture Type : Front Cover Picture MIME Type : image/png Picture Description : Cover artwork Picture Width : 700 Picture Height : 700 Picture Bits Per Pixel : 0 Picture Indexed Colors : 0 Picture Length : 905796 Picture : (Binary data 905796 bytes, use -b option to extract)
  9. The aduio merits of opus aside- just as a point of interest I have been using opus files with Poweramp for 2+ years and never had an issue until the last 2 weeks. And Jriver just keeps expanding its opus support. So adoption is slow, but growing in the tools I use the most. All that said, after some more testing I am pretty sure the issue is not with Android Beta or PA, so I am working with the Jriver people to see if something changed in how they are handling opus cover art tags. Thanks for everyone's input!
  10. regarding opus. You should give it a listen- and numerous listening tests confirm that Opus is quite excellent for music. A couple posts I can recommend that consolidate a lot of info about opus in this regard, but really you will only know by giving it a try. Auphonic Blog: Opus, the revolutionary open audio codec for podcasts and internet audio Results of the public multiformat listening test (July 2014) (coresv.net)
  11. According to mp3tag it is using "Vorbis Comment". Just in case I was not clear this only just started happening in the last two weeks. Prior to this PA had no issue with seeing the art in my opus files. Trouble is, in those last 2 weeks I got updates from jriver, Poweramp, and the Android 12 beta..right now it is looking more like the jriver update might be the source of the issue, although the opus encoder it is using is the same external opus encoder I have always used. But who knows, Jriver MC can get complicated.
  12. In what way is the metadata non-standard- I am trying to understand so I can share that info with Jriver in case it is their app that is doing something funky. I doubt I would be able to recognize oddly formated metadata myself. As for Opus I am converting just to cram more music onto my daily carry phone. For home listening and on my dedicated portable music player I use flac.
  13. For the new files the info/tags is showing there is no embedded art at all, though I know there is and have verified as much with a couple tag editing apps on my PC. I use Jriver MC to manage my library and export from flac to Opus for use on my phone. JRMC also sees the embedded artwork. I have attached an example file. 01~Lavender.opus
  14. Poweramp 906-910 Android 12 beta 3 Pixel 4 Poweramp no longer seems to be able to read the embedded album art in any new opus files I sync to the device. For anything already on the device prior to the last week the album art is fine. No changes were made in how I generate the files (source is all FLAC). Files play with no issues. Tag editors on my PC (such as mp3tag) are able to see the embedded album art in the files.
  15. Poweramp v3-build-860-arm64-play [860004-ced9bb1] Google Pixel 4, Android 10, build qq1b.200205.002 When I go to the Years library, pick a year, then pick All Year Songs then tap the Shuffle button, it will shuffle the songs. But if I go back to that same place and hit the Shuffle button again it does not reshuffle the songs. Other library views do not seem to have this issue with the re-shuffle. To get the All Year Songs to resuffle, I have to go to the All Songs library, hit shuffle, then go back to the All Year Songs list and hit shuffle again. Going to other libaries and hitting shuffle does not seem to "reset" the All Year Songs shuffle.
  16. Thanks very much for the addition of the Years category!
  17. What I would love is if addition to being able to change the sort options for a given category, we could also set a filter based on a tag. For example, keep the sort order by Date Added, but set a filter for Year of 2019, so I would see only new released albums in the order I add them. If such a thing is not possible or recommended for the existing categories, allow us to create custom categories that allow for filtering.
  18. Build 834 appears to have fixed both the seekbar and track length issues. Thanks!
  19. FYI- this issue is still occurring under 832, though now every song length shows as 397:40:50 rather than 419:57:08
  20. it's hard to argue with that! Even the length is exactly the same.
  21. The thought occurred to me, though I have been running Beta 1, 2 and 3 with no issues in Poweramp until last week and I only just installed Beta 4 yesterday. So it is possible I supposed, but the issue doesn't seem to align with when I applied those Android 10 updates.
  22. I can send you a track, but it happens on all tracks. Let me know if you still want a track.
  23. I also posted this in the Bugs forum..no official reply yet so I am sharing here: Phone: Pixel 3 Android Version: 10 Android Build: QPP3.190404.015 Poweramp Build: 830 Within the last few days (I can't tie it to any specific event or update) my Player UI has been acting strangely. The seekbar does not show any dynamics. It shows the entire track at either max or minimum (usually minimum). Also, the track time is inaccurate. The current time is correct but the track length is stuck at 419:57:08 for every track. I have attempted to switch skins (between 1st and 3rd party) as well as uninstalling and reinstalling Poweramp with no luck on fixing the issue. Not sure if this is a bug or something is just messed up with my install. Screenshots of the issue and my skin config are attached. Any help would be appreciated.
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