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  1. I see the LG v30 listed in the High Res devices thread, but it is not clear to me if the device does or not output high rest with Poweramp 3 (799). I am looking to buy one to use as a dedicated player (I've gone through Pono, A&K, FIIO devices in the past, but management and UI on those are bad, even if the sound is usually excellent). Any feedback would be helpful before I take the plunge.
  2. jaxtherogue

    Poweramp beta build-796

    Gotcha. Thanks for the response. It's not super critical so if it is on the roadmap, I'm happy.
  3. jaxtherogue

    Poweramp beta build-796

    I am really excited about the new version and it is working well for me. One issue, and this perhaps falls under a feature request and not a bug- but on the player ui, it would be nice to rearrange the order of the title, album, artist. As it is now, the name of the album can often be so long that the name of the artist gets truncated., which to me is a more important detail. It would be great if Artist and album were reversed. Thanks for the great work!
  4. Is Chromecast audio support still on the list of todos for V3? It would be a great addition to PA.
  5. jaxtherogue

    I think Beta 792 is a failure

    Your inability to comprehend that others might have different priorities or desires than you is breathtaking. Even more amazing is your willingness to advertise your childish self-centered entitlement. Clearly you have no awareness of how much of an ass you look like. The old and new Poweramp UI provides lots of options that aren't of particular importance to me but the overall product delivers the features I do find important and does so more competently than any other player I have used. It's not difficult to just ignore the stuff I don't use. If you have such specific requirements and have an ego too weak to see reminders that your own needs do not define the universe then code your own player. Do you really believe that your $4 earns you the right to play the little dictator? If you'd like changes, be respectful and positive while lobbying for them. Being a jerk will just get you ignored and ridiculed.
  6. jaxtherogue

    Big Problem/ Deal breaker for me

    If you took a few moments to read the release notes posted you would see that you can turn on a hierarchical folder view. While in Libraries, tap the three button icon, tap List Options, turn on Folders Hierarchy. I cannot believe the hysterical whining some people engage in without doing a bit reading or research.
  7. jaxtherogue

    I think Beta 792 is a failure

    I'm confused by the "me too player" accusation. The look, feature set and sound of Poweramp v3 is really unlike anything else in the store and I have tried most of the upper echelon music players. It may be similar in that is has a new material-like design, but even that is unique well animated and IMO still the best UI. Like I said in my original post, I have things I would like changed or have the option to change (i.e. I would like to be able to show a cleaner version of the player UI), but I don't care to return to the look and feel of v2, as good as it was.
  8. jaxtherogue

    I think Beta 792 is a failure

    I just wanted to say I disagree that 79x is a failure. There are some bugs and things I would like changed (posted in the main thread) but overall I am pleased with the new look and functionality.
  9. jaxtherogue

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Other have reported these but wanted to add my voice: Sort order is not retained after closing the app Shuffle within playlists does not seem to work Different display options for Artist/Album would be appreciated. Displaying on top of the album art is not ideal. Part of me sort of like the retro-future look of the the black boxes of text on top of the art, but a larger part of me finds it annoying. Some find the album display with the duplicated album art inefficient. I do not- often when I create a playlist I create an album out of it for use on a multitude of devices. I retain the original album art for each track even within the newly created album, so I appreciate being able to see the original album art on each track. This is a favorite feature of mine, especially in the player ui. Most apps won't display album art per track, Poweramp does. I'd hate to lose this. I really appreciate all of the work that went into this new version- you should add a donate option so we can show our appreciation! I have two music players I use on my home PC and I pay (a lot!) for both. I don't see why it should be any different with Poweramp.
  10. jaxtherogue

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Thank you for this update! I love the look.
  11. jaxtherogue

    Poweramp for Android Auto

    This is great. Sent a bit of cash for this. Any possible way of providing access to albums/artist library in Poweramp?
  12. Unfortunately this did not help. I am not looking for an immediate fix- just reporting an issue I am seeing in Android P but did not see in Oreo.
  13. I just upgraded my Pixel 2 XL to Android P and Poweramp 790 will no longer keep the screen on while running. This was working in Oreo. Other apps with the keep the screen on function (such as Pocket Cast) still work as expected in Android P.
  14. Looks good so far. I like the new UI quite a lot. I've run it through my Pixel 2 XL with a Fiio Q1MII and an A&K XB10. Thus far no audio issues, no crashes. I'll install it on my Fiio X5 3rd gen tomorrow and see how that goes.