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  1. I have this volume issue too with my Bluetooth connected devices since the last betas. Using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 with OREO 8.1.0 Global and MIUI 10
  2. Hello together. Hi-Res (v. 795) works fine on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 64GB Version, Global Rom with newest updates (MIUI Oreo 8.1). I have only one issue with it. If it runs with 24 Bit instead of 16 Bit I can't control the music from the smartphone, only from the connected Bluetooth device. Also the music starts everytime with max volume level. I use an Anker Soundcore Spirit XHeadphone and a TaoTronics Pulse X Bluetooth Speaker. On both devices the same issue. When i choose another output it works. After switching back to High-Res it runs on 16Bit with working Volume Control. When i restart Poweramp it runs on 24Bit and Volume control is only on the connected Bluetooth device possible with max volume level on start. audio_policy.conf
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