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  1. 我对比了的,关键是这种情况只有NEX有,其他手机没这情况,其他手机也有float 32 The point is that only NEX has this condition, not other phones
  2. 你说的那个在7.9.0我是一直关着的,但那个按钮在7.9.7有一个无直接音量控制。但你说的在7.9.7默认采取这种采样模式,我建议另外发帖问一下作者。
  3. 不,这单纯只是bug的原因,开了hires后推力直接减弱了一半,不关dac的事,我用7.9.0就没这事
  4. In addition, there is no effect of fade in and fade out
  5. Compared with 7.9.0, when nex s use OpenGL hires output ,the output or volume will become small ,Roughly 20% less .I must use 47% volume at least ,but I just use 27% before.This had a big impact on my use of high impedance headphones,I hope this problem can be fixed as soon as possible.
  6. After use open GL hires output,the vivo nex s 's output(or loudness )have severe attenuation。 For example, I used to use a volume of 27%, now I have to use 47%
  7. Besides,I think it have enough conditions to open hires,which have independent hifi chips,CS43199+SSM6322。
  8. Yes, I feel a lot better of sound.The phone can't be supported hires output?
  9. build 793 or 795 1.vivo nex s 2.Android 8.1(funtouch os4.0) 3. seeking hi res output only for usb and blutooth use chips CS43199+SSM6322 and Qualcomm 845 @Mr_SeLeNiO
  10. This phone can use the OpenSL ES HD Output in 7.9.0。However, in later versions, it is not possible to use it。 This phone has a separate hifi chip.So,I think it maybe a bug?
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