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  1. Build 900 Vivo Hi-Fi DAC can now be activated by AAudio Hi-res mode at Float32 192KHz output 😁
  2. Thank you AAudio finally resolved my issue with Vivo DACs
  3. Has there been a definitive answer yet as to why hi-res output can't automatically route to Vivo's hi-fi DAC?
  4. Float32 sample format is only available in AudioTrack, however the sound quality is objectively worse when using it. The other outputs do not give me the Float32 option at all and is stuck at 16 bit by default, this happens even when using a 32 bit USB DAC PA 888 Vivo Nex 3S Android 10
  5. PA build 884 Vivo NEX 3S 5G Android 10 iBasso DC02 when playing audio through USB-C the audio pans to the left (off-balance by about -0.1). can be fixed using iBasso UAC app
  6. Vivo NEX 3s Android 10 Specifications to its hi-fi DAC: https://www.akm.com/content/dam/documents/products/audio/audio-dac/ak4377aecb/ak4377aecb-en-datasheet.pdf Currently hi-res output routes the audio to the Snapdragon DAC / audio codec (Qualcomm Aqstic)
  7. I believe so too. Hi-Res used to work just fine with the hi-fi DAC on my Vivo X21a until a few months ago after a system update
  8. Without a 3rd party EQ app the MusicFX option in "Advanced Tweaks" will simply be greyed out and tells you "not supported by ROM". Having a 3rd party EQ app will force MusicFX to be available and serves as the system EQ. However, as you may have noticed from my posts, right now Vivo's Hi-Fi DAC does not like PA's Hi-Res output.
  9. Oh, totally forget this thread existed until now Vivo Nex 3s, Android 10 Hi-Res output technically works, 16 bit all the way up to 384 khz, but (as I have posted in the other threads) not through the dedicated hi-fi DAC
  10. My Nex 3s uses the AK4377A DAC which is very capable The DAC work with OpenSL or AudioTrack. However both of those output lock the sample rate at 48k which downsamples my hi-res tracks. So far I've found 2 ways to engage the DAC without downsampling 1. Get a 3rd party equalizer app and enable MusicFX. (I don't need to have equalizer app running). Even then the DAC will not start on its own, I need to go into AudioTrack output first to engage it and then switch it to Hi-Res output. As soon as I exit Poweramp the DAC unloads and I have to repeat the procedure the next time I launch Poweramp. Also any slight ducking in audio will unload the DAC 2. Use Neutron Player I am just reporting the behaviors I've observed so far, not sure if any of that actually contributes to anything.
  11. Vivo X21A Android 9 Hi-Res output used to be compatible with the built-in DAC as recent as build 871 Vivo Nex 3s Android 10 Hi-Res output sample format only 16 bits available where X21A can do 24 bits, not compatible with DAC
  12. Yes I am aware. Noozxoide is never opened or running. I'm just saying that simply having a 3rd party equalizer app is enough to get the DAC to work with hi-res output.
  13. Messed around a bit more and found an interesting behavior. Back when first installing Poweramp on my new phone I noticed the option to turn on MusicFX was greyed out, now thinking back I believe it's due to the system audio effects keeping out 3rd party apps. So I ended up downloading Noozxoide EIZO-rewire. The MusicFX option became available which suggest that Noozxoide had served as a stand-in for system audio effects. And somehow by doing this the hi-res output is now able to engage my phone's DAC. Still not a perfect workaround, however. The resolution is stuck at 16bit and sample rate defaults to 48k everytime Poweramp is launched and I have to manually select higher sample rates.
  14. you're saying Vivo's supposed "hi-fi" DAC only output at 44.1k/16bit? could you please clarify a bit more?
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