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Requests for Hi-Res Support (please state which build of Poweramp you are using)

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On 1/15/2019 at 12:09 AM, maxmp said:

@cha0z_ On my (same-soc) S9+ it works OK for Pie update and I guess generally ROM/firmware/audio subsystem is the same, so it must be something with your settings. You haven't specified what output you use, though (BT or wired or else), and these are completely different outputs with completely different tweaks and issues (the wired output is own Samsung implementation which differs from any other OEM/stock Android, the bluetooth part is Google based with tweaks by Samsung).

Try settings / Audio / OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output / Restore Defaults


@maxmpThere is no option for wired headset hi res audio. Also even dvc and other settings had been tried but nothing happens. There is low sound at high volume and with medium bass treble gets too much low. Also tried all previous settings none work after pie.


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LG Stylo 4 Amazon Prime Exclusive Model LM-Q710ULM, Android 8.1.0 kernel 3.18.71 - paid version of Poweramp v3-build-816-play

http://www.extreamsd.com/index.php/hires-audio-driver shows that it has the HiRes chip. It actually worked HiRes output 96khz 24bit flac file using the headphone jack 3.5mm (Using USB Audio Player Pro). But I can only choose Bluetooth or USB DAC as options in the Poweramp OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output options. I would much rather use my Poweramp!

I used to use a Note 2 for YEARS!! And it worked with high res output just fine with v2 using 3.5mm jack and still does. Now I upgraded to v3 when I got the new LG and no dice. Stuck with 48khz 16 bit output. 

Hope you can get this working. Thank you! Screenshot #2 is when I ran the USB Audio Player Pro - but that program has a horrible interface and not what I want. 




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Another request for high-res support on the Hiby R6. Hibymusic and Neutron both support it. The player itself can do 384Khz/32 bit as well as native DSD. Poweramp says it only does 44.1 when enabling highres support and the context sensitive LED on the Hiby doesn't change color as it does in the other working apps when Poweramp is playing high res PCM or DSD. Hiby's app has battery drain issues and Neutron's interface is not very good. I prefer Poweramp to both and it would be cool if high res/native playback is supported on these devices.

Product page with specs: https://store.hiby.com/products/r6



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2 hours ago, sobodom100 said:

1.Venz V12 Ultra

2. Android 7.1.2



Nothing in that spec list mentions whether their implementation of Android supports high-res audio (even if the low-level chip does). It's basically a Kodi TV box as far as I can see. Could you post a copy of the audio_policy.conf file?


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On 12/31/2018 at 4:08 PM, maxmp said:

@kirill_zverev check if is set in your build.props (or via adb shell getprop), if so, hi-res output is explicitly disabled by Meizu for your device as well (as they did it for Meizu 16).

Yeap, "audio.offload.disable" is "true". So Meizu disabled hi-res for all players including their own "Music" app or just for 3d-parties players? And if possible how can we "enable" disabled audio offload or something? 🙂

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1.Xiaomi 6

2.Android9.0(pixel experience unofficial)

3.Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Hires can work on official rom(MIUI9 with Android 8),but can't work on Android 9(Maybe something wrong with the system permission?).Hope to support it. The serious background noise on Xiaomi 6 without Hires supported.

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It was working on android 6.0 before. thanks 


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