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  1. 1. Meizu 16th 2. Android 8.1 (Flyme 3. Snapdragon 845, DAC: Qualcomm Aqsticâ„¢ (WCD9341) + Cirrus Logic CS35L41
  2. I'd like a volume control slider on the main screen (like on the picture). Currently you have to do extra action. For example what if i want to change volume 3 times in one track so i need to do 6 actions instead of 3. Moreover i think slider is more comfortable to use
  3. Greetings! Recently i decided to change my iphone to android device and chose Poweramp player as the main one. First of all i'd like to say everything is great especially patch 3.0 but i really miss iphone player volume slider on the main player screen. The thing is that i have a lot of music with different volume levels and i have to use smartphone volume control buttons or go to the volume knob in the EQ settings if the track is too loud or quiet. I hope i'm not only one person who wants it =). If you don't understand i made some pictures=). It would be great if users had an opportunity to turn on/off that slider using settings. Best regards
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