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  1. when you do that, you can control but it'll still control the media after exiting the app. like if you want to silent the phone it will not change the ring.
  2. and when you minimize the app. ring volume comes up when you try to adjust the media volume.
  3. confused between media volume and Poweramp volume.
  4. Hi recently received update and after the update the Android pie was fixed but another problem came up. fix it asap
  5. Hi The doctor, we are having same issue, i hope this issue gets fixed soon cause love Poweramp
  6. Hi Blaubär thank you very much for your valuable time. i tried all output plugins, nothing worked, and Samsung Alive is basically a sound equalizer which would have no effect on Poweramp, doesn't matter what you do on Samsung Alive, but after update it's effecting the sound. I've attached screenshot of Samsung Alive.
  7. Hi! i updated my Samsung Galaxy S9+ to Android Pie on 15th December and when I played music the sound was way too low, usually perfect sound on 70% but not after update, before update, the Samsung Alive equalization never interfere with Poweramp but now is it, help me, I tried everything like turning off dvc but nothing, sorry for my bad English
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