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  1. I've just installed new version of firmware (FlyMe, Android 8.1.0) and there is no "audio.offload.disable" line in buildprop. Poweramp still doesn't see higher that 48 khz build.prop audio_policy.conf
  2. Yeap, "audio.offload.disable" is "true". So Meizu disabled hi-res for all players including their own "Music" app or just for 3d-parties players? And if possible how can we "enable" disabled audio offload or something? 🙂
  3. 1. Meizu 16th 2. Android 8.1.0 3. Qualcomm Aqstic WCD9341 Cirrus Logic CS35L41 Hires output understand, that it supports 384 kHz, but play only 16 bits 48 kHz
  4. I'd like to join the test group too if I can. My devices: Meizu Pro 5 with ESS DAC, OnePlus 5 with Snapdragon's DAC, Sony XBA-N3 + music graduation
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