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  1. @andrewilley @maxmp I don't have any sd card. Phone storage is being used. When music is paused and app is closed from recent app menu the volume is zero automatically after pressing volume up button to increase volume.
  2. @maxmp @andrewilleyWhen music is paused and app is closed from recent app menu the volume is zero automatically after pressing volume up button to increase volume.
  3. @andrewilley @maxmp It would help if you tell the values to be set for it. Also when I press button on my earphones to pause it makes audio scratch and it gets paused and after pressed to resume it skips audio for 0.5 seconds.
  4. In twitter, YouTube app while scrolling audio skips or lags too much. @maxmp @andrewilley
  5. @maxmp @andrewilley Please add the edgelighting support for Samsung s9+ just like the Samsung music player.
  6. @maxmp @andrewilley Please make the navigation bar transparent or add an option to make it transparent. It will look awesome with the status bar hidden and background album color matching.
  7. @maxmp @andrewilley Proud owner of Poweramp for what it offers and it's team. Can you release or support the system equalizer so we can use it for youtube or other streaming apps. I would love to pay for it if it's there.
  8. @maxmp Thanks for the Samsung pie support. When can we expect the hi res with dvc support build.
  9. @maxmp @andrewilley Samsung has released pie for s9 worldwide now so it's available in every country. With all due respect I would like to request you guys please release the fix as soon as possible. I have already spend 1 week without music as without Poweramp I feel it's useless listening to music.
  10. Ok but please solve this issue as soon as possible. @andrewilley
  11. Ok but when can we expect this issue fully solved? @maxmp
  12. How long we need to wait for the fix ? @maxmp @andrewilley
  13. @maxmpThere is no option for wired headset hi res audio. Also even dvc and other settings had been tried but nothing happens. There is low sound at high volume and with medium bass treble gets too much low. Also tried all previous settings none work after pie.
  14. Please as soon as possible. Feels bad without Poweramp listening to music.
  15. I emailed them,also wrote in many threads still no action from them. Only thing I was told in mail was install apk from website which has same issue.
  16. After pie update for s9+ there is no hi res abs low sound at high volume.
  17. There is very low sound at high volume with same previous settings and no hi res option after pie update for s9+.
  18. Request to add edgelighting feature like Samsung music player.
  19. Request for adding edge lighting feature like the samsung music app.
  20. Does the new alpha update have a fix regarding this issue of constantly crashing app and it also freezes the phone. I think this issue is faced by many Samsung s8 s9 users running oreo 8.0 update.
  21. The Poweramp app is constantly crashing and also freezes my phone,using s9. Tried uninstalling and clearing data but same problem is there.
  22. After nougat 7.0 update on htc one a9 there is no hi res audio support and the option is not available...any idea when this will be resolved ???
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