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  1. I still think they were reduced a bit too much, but anyways, like you said, it's not a deal breaker. And since we're talking about constructive criticism, I for one found this particular change, and the "knob/equalizer highlight color effect" unneccessary. Maybe it will grow on me. But as they say "less is more", and you had a pretty tight, straightforward aesthetic. And as Palpatine would say, I will follow the updates with great interest lol By the way, thank you @maxmp @andrewilley for everything you do for this great app. Hapoy holidays! 🍻
  2. @maxmp The thing is though, I'm not using neither alternative or bold, I'm using the "classic" font in Poweramp settings, which up to the previous update -- thus said, and in the case of the buttons on the knob, they looked fine, and not like they do now (smaller) Below in a gif, there are screenshots from the same screen above, but from the previous v884. So, the differences in button size between the previous and the latest update. I'm talking about buttons such as "mono", "preset", "save", "tempo", "reset", those kind of buttons. PS. I turned off the color knob on v893
  3. @andrewilleywhenever you're free, take a look.
  4. Nope, the screenshot I attached has the default "light" skin
  5. Hello there! I updated the app to the latest version, and I noticed some icons got smaller, and honestly I don't like them. Is there any way through settings that I enlarge them to how they were previously? Thanks in advance Samsung Galaxy S7 flat snapdragon OS: Oreo Version using 893-arm64-play
  6. Hello all and thank you Max for this brilliant app! Does the Samsung Galaxy S7 (flat) Snadragon US version have High-Res support?
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