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  1. Here's one for the R6. audio_policy.conf
  2. Hires doesn't appear to work on either the R6 Pro or the R6, it says it does, but the output stays at 44.1khz. Also not sure how Poweramp handles DSD output if it's converting it to PCM or what, but it's not delivering raw DSD to the amp on the R6 as the LED color stays blue (for 44.1 PCM) when it should turn white for DSD or green for high res PCM.
  3. Another request for high-res support on the Hiby R6. Hibymusic and Neutron both support it. The player itself can do 384Khz/32 bit as well as native DSD. Poweramp says it only does 44.1 when enabling highres support and the context sensitive LED on the Hiby doesn't change color as it does in the other working apps when Poweramp is playing high res PCM or DSD. Hiby's app has battery drain issues and Neutron's interface is not very good. I prefer Poweramp to both and it would be cool if high res/native playback is supported on these devices. Product page with specs: https://store.hiby.com/products/r6 Thanks audio_policy.conf.txt
  4. If I start playing the first song of an album, after the second song finishes, playback stops and I have to select the next song manually to resume playback. Anyone else experiencing this?
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