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  1. For me it still says "Samsung UHQA PCM" , but sadly the sound is broken + clearly going via the samsung processing.
  2. Something that maybe would be helpful: note 9 has "dolby atmos for gaming" that is missing from the s9/s9+ phones, so it's really true that in android pie there is a difference to the sound part of note9 and s9/s9+. Dunno about others complains, I just say what I can to give you more information about what can potentially be the reason for the sound problem. Kinda sad as the Poweramp @ hi-res 24bit/44KHz without equ is really producing a lot better sound vs any settings I can put for the stock player (that is play music blah) + the overall UI is more than great... one of the few apps that I really pay for with a smile. Hope you can track down the reasoning for the bad sound output affected by system settings that it should (and before it did) bypass, I really do. Cheers and thanks for the great player!
  3. Thanks for replying. Then samsung did something different to the note 9 android 9. I am testing wired headphones + reset fully the app + tried firstly your advice. The audio even with dvc on is affected by dolby atmost on/off, literally the effect is applied + the volume is low and bad quality. If I can help you any further - will do gladly, otherwise you can get your hands on note 9 on pie to check it out or wait for further feedback as the rollout is just starting + note 9 exynos Poweramp users are not that much in the numbers, so it will take some time for the reporting. P.S. I am tech heavy person, and also on top of that rooting + customizing android phones for like 10+ years, I am sure I am not doing some lame things leading to my OS problems with Poweramp's hifi output. That note 9 is full stock tho, so it's not my doing for sure.
  4. Hello, I am on the latest beta from playstore and after updating my exynos 9810 note 9 to android pie/9, the hifi output is totally broken - super low volume (the volume control is let to the player as it's by default), bad sound quality and turning off/on dolby affect the sound tho it should not. Just to let you know if it's not already reported and guess on galaxy s9/s9+ exynos will be the same on the newest android. Best Regards,
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