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  1. Zte axon 7. Frequently high resolution audio stops working. From the chosen 192/24 goes back to 48/16.Then only rebooting the phone solves the problem
  2. Hello. Try rebooting your phone and clean up cache. That worked for me
  3. My bad... Reboot with cleaning up cache solved the issue
  4. Hello Max. On zte axon 7 with nougat high resolution downsampled to 16/48 with noticeable sound quality degrade. I am suspecting the player doesn't use akm dac. It's happening for last 4 or 5 Poweramp versions.
  5. Hi resolution downsampled to 16/48 on zte axon 7 for last 3 releases. I'm on Nougat.
  6. Exactly. Galaxy s4 and s4 mini both lack high resolution audio hardware.
  7. Hello. Have you tried disabling DVC? Also have you done clean installation, instead of over older version?
  8. @maxamp.Hey Max! How you doing? Will in future be added the high res logo on hd flacs and dsd? That would be cool.
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