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List of Android Devices with Hi-Res Audio Support (Internal DAC)


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On 6/12/2018 at 11:58 PM, 7OH said:

Sorry - but ask here.

Can some one post there files with hi-res and little manual - how to check result?

Wanna check that my device support hi-res, but don't know how.

Really - maybe in PM.

This will help

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Top Posters In This Topic

Working good on zenfone 5 2018 wired.

How to make it support via bluetooth? 

Its really annoying by limitation of audiowizard by asus. On bt mode its only support 16bit and 96khz. Its using aptx bluetooth. It must be supporting high res with minimum of 24bit and 192khz

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Just AUX,

My Xperia Z1 Compact was tried with AICP 13.1 O 8.0 and Hi Res working perfectly with 192k. But since moved to "LineageOS 12.1 for Z1c with current Sec.Patches" LP 5.1, Hi Res output drop extremely, volume goes down and noising on 192k. Equalizer treble and bass make it more bad. Hi Res need max volume then I can hear the music. I need to deactivate Hi Res and use equalizer, tone, to get best output. May you have some solution for my problem. Thanks.

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I am on preview build 790 on my Blackberry Priv with Snapdragon 808. 
HD auto output is fine with wired headset and 192kHz sampling rate max. Only when playing around with the DVC / gain option I had a bug of weired down sampled audio from time to time (around half of the normal speed). Stopping and restart play solved this.

I do also use Fiio K1 USB DAC with 96kHz sampling (device maximum) working beautifully on my Priv.

No sound distortion and perfect Fidelity even with Equ enabled. The quality improvement from native Android audio API to High Res output on a HiFi wired headset is clearly noticeable on my Priv and comes surprisingly close the the DAC output.

The USB DAC quality is perfect as it should be.

thanx for that great preview build! Mike

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HTC 10 on stock rom (Android 7.1) is supported via Hi-Res Output.

Though, there are too many device modifications all named "HTC 10", on various SOCs, some of them available only in selected countries, but generally they are all at least on 6xx Snapdragon which supports Hi-Res.

As for HTC 10 Desire it's on MTK SOC, I don't think it supports Hi-Res.

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On 8/21/2018 at 6:18 PM, jorgensen said:

HTC 10 with verison 793
Standard and OpenSL fixed to 48kHz/16 bit
Hi-Res fully supported.

I confirm, version 793 works fine on HTC 10 updated to official 8.0.0 Oreo:

Speakers, OpelSL 16-bit, 48 kHz

Headphones, Hi-Res 24-bit, 192kHz

It would be nice to have a feedback that the Hi-Res output is currently in use, for example on the "frequency-kbps-format" line under the play button:

44.1kHz 900 kbsp FLAC Hi-Res

or, alternatively, by adding a graphical object somewhere, as a red dot on the album art ...


Please note, that the correct unit for kilohertz is kHz, not khz, KHZ.



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