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  1. I do not know what I'm doing wrong but the chromecast support does not work for me. Although the app connects with my chromecast, but there is no sound, I can not control anything and on the mobile phone screen every few seconds spins back the started song.....
  2. YES i want to have chromecast support for so long!! 🤩
  3. @maxmp Can you add an animation by tapping the equalizer on the touch bar? everything has an animation or a fade effect. only that has none. otherwise the player is really perfect by now Oh on thing. is it possible to add chromecast support? It will make the player mutch smarter
  4. @maxmp is it possible to add a google chromecast support? I do not know how much development work that requires, that's why I ask
  5. Is there a way for ASOP roms like LineageOS 15.1 to support opensl HD? With stock os on my Nexus 6 (snapdragon 805) or galaxy s6 (exynos 7420) it still works. With LineageOS not
  6. @maxmp can you add an animation/fade effect when typing on the equalizer?
  7. @maxmp max everything has an animation without the touch bar if you tap on the equalizer. can you add an animation there? ?
  8. i have a nexus 6 with android 8.1 does it have hi-res support? it has a Snapdragon 805. with the alpha 790 the hi-res support works fine. it does not work anymore with the playstore beta 793. is that right? or just a beta bug?
  9. That fix it, thank you dude ??
  10. A got this problem too
  11. To attack and insult people who express criticism, however, presents you in a much worse light. for such a discussion you are in the wrong place.?
  12. yes with full time job, family and develop it is hard. everyone here understands this. But to make promises and then absolutely no position to relate is simply not okey. #nohate #Poweramp #is #still #the #best
  13. What's wrong with being pissed off when promises are made that are not kept? no one would say anything if there were no promises.
  14. The information for the release is from @clever_man , which seems to be in contact with max
  15. I understand that development time is needed. but big to announce that an ultra update is due to arrive in june and then just not to report anymore is really shit ? #nohate
  16. I just want to thank @maxmp. The player is just amazing. The Animations, Sound and Optics are wonderful. I recommend everyone for Years the Poweramp and so far everyone was excited
  17. Oh my God. I waited so long. the player with the new ui looks so incredibly good. I'm lost for words. THANKS ALOT MAX!!! ????
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