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  1. Xiaomi 4C (Libra) MIUI 9 7.12.16 (Android 7.0 Xiaomi Official ROM) Because when it was MIUI8 and MIUI7(Android 5.1),it supported. But now it don't. really wish you can update the app audio_policy.conf
  2. aha,i find there is 704, and it does work on mi4c cm14.1 Android 7.1! Exciting!
  3. several days ago,i update my system to cm14.1 ,and i found that it didnt work on mi4c Android 7.1
  4. Addition:I have post that hires worked well on mi4c miui7 android 5.1.1 but not on CM13 android 6.0.1, when I upgraded the app to 703, hires works!! As the Pic
  5. When i used mi4c miui7 android 5.1.1, hires worked well and there is almost no noise, while Poweramp 585 had much noise. Yesterday I change my system into CM13,which is based on android 6.0.1. It strange that the hires can be actived, but the noise is still, that's too bad
  6. But it doesnt work on xiaomi mi4c CM 13 android 6.0.1. what a pity.
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