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  1. Poweramp actually ignores Android audio session handling play/pause only for itself when it should send intents to a system level, like phonograph or shuttle do, so that (for example) dsp apps can be notified of the change. Could be this corrected? References: 1) when playback starts https://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/audiofx/AudioEffect#ACTION_OPEN_AUDIO_EFFECT_CONTROL_SESSION 2) when stopped or paused https://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/audiofx/AudioEffect.html#ACTION_CLOSE_AUDIO_EFFECT_CONTROL_SESSION
  2. - Poweramp V3 (810-Play Store) - Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro (gemini) / Android 9.0 Pie / Syberia Custom AOSP ROM - hi-res (sd820) direct hd variant, stock settings, aux output The app doesn't crash but I could provide logcat if needed
  3. Poweramp stop playing before last 5 seconds of this song are reproduced, I don't know why (20). Coconut Sharks in the Water.mp3
  4. I would like an option to have .milk effects just over the cover how it was for earlier alpha v3
  5. Xiaomi Mi5 with AEX.Mod 5.7 (Oreo 8.1) build of 26 July 2018. Hi-Res output (Experimental) works. Variant: "Direct HD"
  6. The interface is intuitive and stop. Material design app have also introduction screens: when the app will be complete maybe there will be one with the description on how to do certain things like skipping etc. Other thing: the wavebar use is evident; you can fast move through the music and you can see most important frequencies. Last but not less important the fact that ui is crap is just for your own personal way of thinking that isn't universal. There is no need to be rude. And not, I'm not a fanboy. Bye
  7. Working Xiaomi Mi 5 hi-res with 8.1 latest aex.mod and CAF patches. Thank you Max! Edit: I tried to insert earset and Poweramp crash :(, it only shows hires but not works. Thanks anyway Edit on 31 July: with AEX.Mod 5.7 (Oreo 8.1) build 26 July the Hi-Res Output (experimental) works! Poweramp v709
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