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  1. I want to know, if anyone at all knows the situation on the Huawei produkts, P10, Mate9, Honor9 etc with the Huawei Hi6403 Dac chipset? It has Hi-Rez ability, but I would like to get some news from Poweramp about the brands compatibility since it is an Hua homegrown prosessor Kirin 960 compared to the more known Snapdragon etc....
  2. I have the 703 version now an plays 24 bit high rez music files. Says so in the info and tags. Correct? check? https://flic.kr/p/ZqZPxc
  3. Na still cant use the High-Res exeperimental option in Huawei P10. Ive updated and purcased the 704 build.. Must say Im very impressed with the Soundquality tho, and the albumarts...
  4. I have the 704 version now an plays 24 bit high rez music files. Says so in the info and tags. Correct? check?
  5. Give me link for 704 version. I just purchased but have a lot of high rez and Dsd and want the high rez output. Very happy with the sound so far..
  6. Huawei P10 Android 7.0 Hisilicon Kirin 960 Supports 192 Khz / 24 bit says so in specs Lyd Lydfilformater: mp3/mp4/3gp/wma/ogg/amr/aac/flac/wav/midi/ra Supports 192 Khz / 24 bit it has the Hi6403 soundchip, supports 24/192 as well as DSD etc.. Checked can also play Dxd/Dsd up to 192khz/24 bit.. and works with my Sony Music center High res and the Onkyo Hifi player and Huawei music player, and Google Music. But Poweramp 704 dont let me go Hi-Res with the Jack. I will buy full version of Poweramp if they fix to Huawei, mostly because i want the Album arts and tweaking possibilyties..
  7. I have downloaded High res Flac and DSD in 24bit, My Huawei musicplayer and Sony musicplayer plays this. Please inform me when Poweramp supports the Huawei P10 Kirin 960 prosessor with the Hi6403 soundchip Then I will join fullversion Poweramp. Thanks... Edit posted in the thread High Res request....
  8. It only says Poweramp supports Hi-Res through DAC While my Sony Music Center says that my phone supports Hi-Res...
  9. Can you link to the Downloads tab? I cant find it, I tried to uninstall, and reinstall.. Still got V 703
  10. I just have 703, cant find out how to download/update to 704?? Where do you download Hi-Res Audio music? I currently only have CD ripps in flacs, som of them labelled High res by Sony.. But only in CD 16 bit
  11. It works with Huawei P10 Nougat.. How do i find audio info? Find this flac 96000hz, 16bit ?
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