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  1. I have the same issue after updating to build 909 (haven't updated to 910 yet) from 905 (I think). I have not tried the parametric eq yet. Only presets that I still have are the ones I made that weren't from a backup. The only 1 from a backup that I still have is the one I was using when when I updated which is now <default preset>. Unsure if I still have presets that were assigned to specific songs (it shows a S beside <default preset> but the db values & sliders for graphical eq remain unchanged. The only difference is the S beside <default preset>.) I've tried to restore from a backup but when I try to via Poweramp settings, the Poweramp settings backup files cannot be found. If I open the same file explorer (not via Poweramp), the backup files are there. Though, if I try to open those files from the file explorer app using "open with" and selecting Poweramp, nothing happens, it just launches Poweramp (I didn't expect it to work anyways). I can create new Poweramp settings backups but cannot restore any. Even the new ones created after updating to 909 don't show up when trying to restore (they show up in file explorer app like the older backups do, just not when launched via Poweramp.) Hope this makes sense. Build-909-arm32-play [909002-ca09aec2] Full version 32 bit Samsung Galaxy S5 G900W8 Marshmallow 6.0.1
  2. I listen to rap music and most of my music is in the form of mixtapes. Many of which have a DJ and quite a few have multiple DJs. As there isn't a "Disc Jockey" tag, I add them to the Composer tag. I'd appreciate being able use symbols (semicolons [ ; ], etc.) to separate multiple entries within the Composer tag, the same as can be done with the "Genre" tag. Thank you.
  3. I use the "Default Dark Skin" everyday and also have the paid version of YAPS, which does have an impressive plethora of options, but I don't believe it can replicate the skin 100%. One thing I couldn't replicate (might just be me) is the "Static waveseek + seekbar", with the seekbar in tge middle of the waveseek bar (as seen near the bottom of the image below.) The closest I could get to replicating it with YAPS was: YAPS is a great skin and I appreciate the active development & the hard work of@flyingdutchman . I don't want to sound like I'm complaining or anything, it ain't a big deal & I doubt I've done anything constructive about it (email dev, etc.). Samsung Galaxy S5 G900W8 Marshmallow 6.0.1
  4. It's probably because many music players don't read or sort by album artist tags. So it spits albums up into several different ones by several artists, sometimes even requiring a playlist just to play the entire album in order. It also cutters the library with different artists for each different feature. Ex. "Artist 1", "Artist 1 (ft. Artist 2)" "Artist 1 (ft. Artist 3, Artist 4 & Artist 2)"
  5. I'd like to be able to add multiple, separate composers to the composer tag, like hiw you can with genres. I don't listen to classical/orchestral music so, I don't know if this is a weird request or not. I listen to rap music & much of library is mixtapes that have DJs, often more than 1. I use the composer tag to add the DJs to the to the song info. Thank you.
  6. After updating to 863 when I do a manual rescan from settings or "rescan/resolve playlists" from the "Playlist" category, the rescan never ends and causes Poweramp to somewhat freeze until I force stop and reopen app (after which the library is still the same as was before trying to rescan.) I can't select any playlists from playlist category or songs within a playlist (if I began rescan within a playlist.) Pressing the mini player to go to now playing screen glitches. Search freezes but still manages to bring up keyboard. Trying to go back to library via navbar icon doesn't work but swiping/back button does. I can still access settings tho. When using built-in skin (not third-party) the mini player doesn't glitch out and going back to library using navbar icon works but search still doesn't aswell as selecting a playlist/song within playlist. Although, if I attempt to change skin or any skin settings while it's still scanning, going back to library causes it to freeze. It's late asf where I am in the world so I hope this all makes sense... Samsung Galaxy S5 G900W8 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
  7. I'm on Beta and still got it, even though I was already on 860 and was updating through Google Play Store
  8. I don't know if I put this in proper category, as this isn't necessarily a feature request, rather adding to an existing feature. There's a website valled "itunes artwork finder" https://bendodson.com/projects/itunes-artwork-finder/ that you can use to search for and download high-resolution artwork from iTunes. It usually has the best quality/highest resolution album covers I can find. Google images/reverse image search rarely comes up with higher quality covers. It would be cool if when searching for album art in Poweramp, if it could search iTunes aswell. The developer of the site has the source code publicly available on GitHub so other devs can host it themselves, as mentioned at the bottom of the webpage: "NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: If you want to do any automation or hit the API I've written directly, please consider getting the source code I've made publicly available on GitHub and hosting it yourself. I can't guarantee uptime nor give permission for you to hit my server from your own apps so please host the code above on your own server if you wish to do anything like that." GitHub link: https://github.com/bendodson/itunes-artwork-finder
  9. @Herbie With some of the settings such as dithering I think it's more of a matter of learing about what dithering is, to get an understanding of how it affects the sound of hour music, rather than an instructional video specific to Poweramp. There are probably tons of educational videos on dithering. I'll try to be a little more constructive and do my best to explain dithering in brief. When music is digitalized from an analog signal, there is some loss of data from quantization, as shown below (the original anolog signal in green, the digitalized signal in blue.) This loss of data is audibly noticeable (quantization artifacts). Dithering is a way to solve this issue, or rather cover it up so it isn't audibly noticeable. What dithering does is add constant background noise to the digitalized signal try to, in a way, fill gaps in the signal (quantization artifacts). It doesn't recover the information lost from the anolog signal, just makes the artifacts far less noticeable. Music is usually created at much higher bit/sample rates than the typical 16bit/44.1kHz (or whatever) music is sold in. Thus it need to be downsampled making the gaps in the digital signal bigger (more artifacts). The dither is added to the track before it's downsampled, and this process is usually the very last thing done during the mixing/mastering of music. So most likely all you music, if professionally made, has already been dithered, whether perchanced, pirated or distributed for free. Although, I'm not sure why (or if there's a need to) add a dither if you are upsampling not downsampling. Perhaps an explaination of when to use a dither and the differences between the different dithers available in Poweramp would be helpful in the FAQ? Also an explaination of what the Resampler Cutoff Frequency Ratio is/does would be helpful, because I have no clue and couldn't find anything on it on Google Search. Anyways I hope that helps, I can explain quantization but your probably better off looking it up, as this was already not very "brief". Lol * I'm not a professor so you may want to fact check this, I could be wrong about some stuff.
  10. Since last update, Poweramp crashes every time I try to rate a song. It happens no matter what rating (1 - 5 stars) I'm trying to give, or whether the song was or was not previously rated. It also happens on the built-in skins and on third-party skins.
  11. I don't know if this is helps or not but maybe it will. When you're listening to music through headphones above a certain volume, you get a warning message about possible hearing damage from high volumes. Depending on device you may get this message more or less frequently. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. For me, the message only displays the first time after each reboot, that I go above that volume. (I have to reboot my phone to make it show up again.) If I have the volume that high, then unplug my headphones and plug them back in, my phone will automatically adjust media volume back to a safe volume. I know this is the case for 3.5mm output, but I'm pretty sure it applies for all other outputs (usb, Bluetooth, etc.) other than the phone's built in speaker.
  12. I believe it's an Android thing. I've never been able to install previous versions of apps, always had to uninstall then install older version. With system apps u have to "uninstall updates" then install the apk.
  13. I have a lot of lower quality audio files (.MP3) saved into playlists and recently begun downloading higher quality versions (.FLAC). It's my understanding that playlists are save entries as the file's directory. Example (2 entries): /storage/3234-6463/Music/Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo/17 Facts (Charlie Heat Version).mp3 /storage/3234-6463/DatPiff/mixtapes/m6eaa8aa/11773275.mp3 What I was hoping for was a way to change the first playlist entry to a different file: /storage/3234-6463/Music/Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo [Flac]/Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo/18 Facts (Charlie Heat Version).flac And to do that to all my playlists automatically as it would take me forever to do it myself (I have 877 playlists). Usually I'd just rename the better quality file as the exact same as my lower quality version and replace the low quality file, and adjust the metadata if necessary (album artist, etc.) to avoid fixing playlists. But I can't do that if the file extension is different. Thank you.
  14. Please add a confirmation ('Are you sure you want to clear Queue?") when clearing queue. I keep accidentally pressing it, usually when using the scrollbar (I don't use alphabetical scroll), while selecting/rearranging tracks. Thank you.
  15. Please bring back the ability to search/"filter" within playlists. Most of my playlists are hundreds of songs so it was a very helpful feature in build 709 (not 100% sure if it was in v2, but I think it was.) Thank you
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