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  1. sorry maxmp, I don't undestand your answer, or maybe my answer is badly written. When an external DAC is connected via USB, Poweramp bypass the internal DAC of the smartphone? or the internal DAC is used in any case? Said in different words: is worth buying an external DAC to improve the sound quality, if I use Poweramp as my favourite player?
  2. really? 🤔 nobody knows if Poweramp actually use the external DACs connected to USB?
  3. very nice skin! it seems to me that having both seekbar and waveseek (in particolar the static one) is somehow useless, it would be nice to have an option to hide it (the seekbar) the icons on the bottom looks quite small, could be difficult to hit them while driving... S.
  4. Hello, I'm using PA 3 with my HTC 10 (internal Hi-Res DAC), to which sometimes I connect an external USB DAC/AMP (iBasso D-Zero mkii). Everything seems to work fine: the external DAC device is recognized by PA, with the correct parameters (24 bit - 96kHz). There is one thing that isn't clear to me: when using the external DAC, the volume can still be managed by the volume up/down keys of my smartphone, while I expect that this shouldn't happens, since the digital output is passed to the external device that should do all the work (DAC + AMP + Volume). With my other players (Neutron and UAPP), when using an external DAC, the volumes keys on the smartphone do nothing, the volume can only be managed by the external device. Any ideas? Thanks! Stefano
  5. I noted that in the last release (820) Hi-Res in not working anymore on my HTC 10 running Oreo 8.0, however I'm not sure if this started with the very last update or before ... Ste
  6. Many thanks, I really love the new Poweramp V3! It would be great to let the user choose the text size in the app as it happens in the widget: on my android car unit, with 7" landscape screen, all the texts are barely readable, while there is a lot of space available .. Ste
  7. I still remain of my idea that on a Light skin, text boxes and buttons should have white/light background, not black, possibly with some transparency for the ones displayed over the album art ...
  8. +1 for me it's actually the only important feature missing in Poweramp...
  9. Hello, it would be great to skip to the next/previous track by long pressing the Volume Up/Down Button! Cheers, Stefano
  10. Hello Andre, I think that on the light theme, everything should be black on white boxes, this concerns both title and artist, three dots menu, time played and remaining, Play/Pause button, etc. Stefano
  11. I confirm, version 793 works fine on HTC 10 updated to official 8.0.0 Oreo: Speakers, OpelSL 16-bit, 48 kHz Headphones, Hi-Res 24-bit, 192kHz It would be nice to have a feedback that the Hi-Res output is currently in use, for example on the "frequency-kbps-format" line under the play button: 44.1kHz 900 kbsp FLAC Hi-Res or, alternatively, by adding a graphical object somewhere, as a red dot on the album art ... Please note, that the correct unit for kilohertz is kHz, not khz, KHZ. Stefano
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