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  1. I can enable Hi-Res Output without any problem on Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 7.0 But when i enable DVC with this output, Volume decreases Can you guys fix it please?
  2. @maxmp thanks for answer. So there is no way to Hi-Res works properly on Android 7.0 ? (Even in upcoming updates)
  3. It's build 808 and Still have issue on Hi-Res + DVC on my Samsung S6 ))): It Decreases the Volume When i enable DVC on Hi-Res output.
  4. @andrewilley @maxmp Please add full support of Hi-Res + DVC on Samsung Galaxy S6 (G920F) With latest update of Android 7.0 " Thanks in Advance "
  5. May i (and others) help for Persian localization in next build ?
  6. Why Persian language (Farsi) has been removed from Build 806 ??
  7. I want to report some annoying issues in last beta build (793) First; i want to see whole album cover art and display Song, Artist and Album names on the cover album is a bad idea. Second; under song name, it first show "Album" name and after that shows "Artist" name. I think it's better to first display "Artist" (or just give an option to choose which one comes first).
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