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  1. Poweramp doesn't seem to correctly read the DISC field in any format which uses APEv2 (WavPack, Musepack, etc) and will report the disc number as 1 no matter what number is actually entered in the field. It should be easy to reproduce by converting a flac to a musepack or wavepack in Foobar2000. The only workaround is to brute force a DISCNUMBER field, although DISC seems to be correct fieldname at least going by this table: https://picard-docs.musicbrainz.org/downloads/MusicBrainz_Picard_Tag_Map.html On a related note: entering total tracks into a DISC, Track or Discnumber field by using a slash also breaks the reading of the tags. For example 14/14 to specify track 14 of 14 total tracks.
  2. FYI, it looks like FFMPEG finally implemented it's own xHE-AAC/USAC decoder https://git.ffmpeg.org/gitweb/ffmpeg.git/commit/eee5fa08083c1df6d0210bf215b658bc3017f98d
  3. Just to clarify: I understand that Poweramp doesn't know whether the decoder is applying any gain but the part I'm confused about is why Poweramp is unable to read RG tags. Is metadata being read by the android decoder and then passed to Poweramp instead of the tags (including RG tags) being read directly by Poweramp? Is this why Poweramp is unable to read or process RG tags but is able to display title, artist, etc?
  4. I decided to test xHE-AAC decoding with a single album and it seems like Poweramp is not recognizing replaygain tags on these files and falling back on to using the setting for pre-amp for files without RG tags. Edit: I now have a suspicion that the xHE-AAC's internal loudness control is being applied in addition to Poweramp's pre-amp as the volume seems much lower than expected, similar to issue's that existed in the past with Opus gain and replaygain. I've attached what Poweramp shows versus the same file examined with MediaInfoLite in WIndows The file was encoded and tagged using EZ CD Audio Converter
  5. After looking at your screenshots again, I think Poweramp may be overriding the 48khz selected and outputting to 96khz regardless. The fact that Poweramp states it's using 96khz is a good thing. Like Max said, if you long press the bitrate in the main screen you can see what the resampler is actually doing. If your content is already 96hz it would state there's no resampling. If your music is sourced from a regular CD and is 44.1khz it would show it being resampled to 96khz. Otherwise something funky is going on. The output screen you're looking for will look something like this (except not outputting 44.1khz):
  6. Do you have a "Defined by device" option for sample rate such as in my screenshot? Is that also silent?
  7. Yes, no crash playing through my phone speaker either.
  8. If this is an issue with Pixel devices, it may be limited to specific models. I upgraded my Pixel 6 to Android 13 earlier today and have not had any crashes or freezing using high res output in Poweramp with either USB DACs or Bluetooth.
  9. Hi, first time poster but long time lurker. It looks like last time Max commented on this was back in March of last year No comments since but to my understanding xhe-aac/usac decoding can be enabled in ffmpeg by building it with fdk-aac decoder enabled. I'm not sure why this can't be done - maybe there's some sort of licensing issue related distributing an app with it?
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