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  1. Hi Dev.. Please give us the feature to set custom images to playlist.. Thank you.. 👍
  2. Hi I'm using Poweramp on a Samsung A5 (2017) running Oreo. It comes with a built-in storage cleaner (I think every other Samsung device Oreo has this feature) , which I use but it keeps deleting artist images and information. I know this is technically not Poweramp's fault but would it be possible for Poweramp to store artist images and information in a different way on my device? Cheers!
  3. Nobody's holding you. You can move on. BTW good luck finding another player like Poweramp ?✌
  4. Thank you for the new update.. Evrything works fine.. But I found a very rare bug.. As you can see in the screenshot I have played "fashion killer" but Poweramp is showing "till I collapse". This happens very rare.
  5. For me most played was very important.. ?
  6. I'm dissapointed.. This updated has a bug in which most played songs are not updating.. Even if I play a song for more than 3 times the most played stays the same.. Most played was important to me.. Please fix this bug.. ????
  7. Songs played in most played is increasing by 2 or 3 times.. For example if I play a song which has been played 8 times and then when I force close Poweramp and reopen it the song count is increased to 12 times.. Please fix this bug.. Thank you.
  8. Hi guys.. I found a new bug.. I don't think that others have found this bug.. Poweramp is increasing the most played song count in most played.. For ex: If I play a song from most played which has played more than once and after closing and reopening the app the song count of the song is increased by 3 or 4 times.. Please fix this bug.. Sorry for my bad english..
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