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  1. Hi Dev.. Please give us the feature to set custom images to playlist.. Thank you.. 👍
  2. Hi I'm using Poweramp on a Samsung A5 (2017) running Oreo. It comes with a built-in storage cleaner (I think every other Samsung device Oreo has this feature) , which I use but it keeps deleting artist images and information. I know this is technically not Poweramp's fault but would it be possible for Poweramp to store artist images and information in a different way on my device? Cheers!
  3. Nobody's holding you. You can move on. BTW good luck finding another player like Poweramp ?✌
  4. Thank you for the new update.. Evrything works fine.. But I found a very rare bug.. As you can see in the screenshot I have played "fashion killer" but Poweramp is showing "till I collapse". This happens very rare.
  5. Hi guys.. I found a new bug.. I don't think that others have found this bug.. Poweramp is increasing the most played song count in most played.. For ex: If I play a song from most played which has played more than once and after closing and reopening the app the song count of the song is increased by 3 or 4 times.. Please fix this bug.. Sorry for my bad english..
  6. Thanks for the update Max.. Everyting is working fine for me.. But one small problem is albums with white album art doesn't look good on now playing screen..
  7. Same problem here on Samsung a5 nougat ?
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