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  1. Is there a reason the no reshuffle setting is enabled by default?
  2. sent the email to the requested email just now. Was able to easily reproduce the bug.
  3. Update: Seems like my main issue was solved by turning off the no reshuffle on large lists. However the issue of me searching a song and it instead playing the first song in the order instead of the selected song is an issue when "no reshuffle large lists" is on. Steps on how to trigger below. No reshuffle large lists on. Start a shuffled playlist or all songs or rated songs. CHANGE the shuffled type. For me default is songs/categories. In this example I changed it to All. Search for a song and click to add it. Instead of it playing the song it just goes back to the first song in the order. Is this intended? I have turned this setting off anyways but figured I'd mention it. The wording on the settings seems like this is unintentional Screen_Recording_20231210_175610_Poweramp.mp4
  4. update made it so reshuffling doesn't work sticks to the same "order". Not only that but if I try to search for a song select it it just plays the song next in that order not the song I selected. I am not sure what's causing the search bug as its not happening Everytime.
  5. Has there been any thoughts of allowing non-synced text running directly through the app? Same idea of reading lrc file but instead it would just be a .txt file. Would be nice as a large chunk of my music lyrics aren't synced but would still like to see the lyrics through the app
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