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  1. Same here on a Note 9 (Android 10). Same default options as Andre.
  2. You should also look into the Lexus stereo BT and check for any BT issues with that, maybe related to which firmware version it's running. Lots of problems turn out to be the car's fault.
  3. Just to add that I've recently started using (got working!) Android Auto on our works vans (new Mercedes box vans). I can confirm the play/pause issues mentioned above but also a different issue that's probably related. If the playing gets interrupted for any reason (for example, today my phone holder, and thus my phone, fell off the windscreen and broke the cable connection. Plugging things back in and everything was fine except that PA would only do the play/pause thing. But a subsequent 'play' only led to an immediate 'pause'. I tried play on the head unit and phone with the same results. I decided to leave it as it was and about 10 minutes later (when I could next stop and check) it started to play again when I hit the 'play' button. The playing has been interrupted for other reasons over the last week and a similar thing has happened. Note 9 running a mostly stock Android 10 with the 864 version of PA.
  4. What do you mean here? If you turn the ignition off then BT should not be connecting/connected at all as there's no power to it. And any connecting/disconnecting is to do with your phone and/or the BT device you have in your car. PA and other 'apps' just use the BT connection as negotiated between the phone and car stereo.
  5. Same here - and the same symptons described by you above with the brief music clip then pause. However, I'm using Android Auto for Phone Screens rather than AA as you seem to be. Dunno if that helps at all ...?
  6. Hmmm. Maybe something in your settings? As I also have a Note 9 under Android 10 but don't have that problem.
  7. Have you checked the firmware on your car audio is the latest verion? I had a simlar problem that pointed to PA but it turned out to be a firmware issue with the stereo. I also have access to several different car stereos, partly through work. A 4 year old Kenwood stereo will only show track number whilst an Android 4 based Honda stereo will show all tags. As will a new Mercedes stereo (in a Merc commercial van but I believe the same as in the current A-Class). A VW van also displayed correctly. So your mileage may vary due to the car/stereo manufacturer and/or stereo firmware level.
  8. Yep. Same here. Just the album artist images not being shown. Running on Pie.
  9. Got a Galaxy Note 9 on Pie. I have no problems connecting via BT to my aftermarket car headunit, wireless headphones, BT ear piece or the wifes Honda Jazz stereo which is based on an Ice Cream Sandwich Android .... Oh, and that's with several different ROMs based on Pie. Maybe a factory reset needed?
  10. Running v. 853 on a Galaxy Note 9 (stock Pie-based ROM) and have had several instances of PA starting to play again for no apparent reason. The first time I noticed was on getting home after everyone else had gone to bed and it starting up loudly when I got into my house. In the car it had been on 'shuffle all songs' but I hit the pause button before I got out and switched to my phones home screen - no PA app or widget there. I swapped cases in the house and it was then it started to play. But it's also done it when my phone is on silent and I only notice when I pull the notification bar down. Not seen anything to suggest why it is playing for no reason. Only things I can think of are a) the Note 9 has a Bixby button which is easy to press when getting out of your pocket BUT I have turned off all Bixby stuff in the settings and used an app to remap that bhutton so that the only thing it does is turn the flashlight on/off with a long press and b) this did not happen with previous versions of PA (I usually install all betas when they come out) on this or any other phone I've used it on. So, my question is, what am I doing wrong ... ❓
  11. I use mp3tag on my PC. It allows you to choose as many tracks as you like to embed the same album art in. Using it at the moment coincidentally ....
  12. As I said above, I have no problems. Since I posted above I have swapped my Galaxy S7 (various customs ROMs and sizes of sdcards) for a Note 9 (again, tried various ROMs) with a 512GB sdcard (exFAT) No problems with any of them. Has PA got storage permission? And @Mugetsu, what exactly is your problem?
  13. That worked. But too late for me to check 'file not found' properly. Though flicking from track to track with PA on pause seems fine.
  14. Noticed that mine is also like this (trial). But your suggestion doesn't work as PA is still time limited afterwards. Do I need to reinstall it? Thanks
  15. This has also been reported in the 'Bugs' section at ... I thought it had disappeared when I loaded a new ROM onto my Note 9 but no .... My phone works as above (i.e. 'can't play file' then plays it anyway) but reacts slightly differently if set to 'Pause'. If I swipe the album art to the left (to go to the next song) it gives the same error BUT skips that song and settles on the next one in the list. etc etc. On the 836 build, Note 9 on a Pie based ROM and my music is on an sdcard formatted as exFAT. Dunno if that latter bit helps .... ?
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