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  1. dvhttn

    Poweramp Build 818

    And for me! Many thanks.
  2. dvhttn

    Poweramp Build 817

    Should have said but yes, they are all mp3 files. I use no other type of audio file on my phone. And as I said, all my album art worked on 816, plus it works with other music players on the phone and players on the PC. Oh, all of my album art is embedded in each song, jpg files which have a resolution of 1000x1000.
  3. dvhttn

    Poweramp Build 817

    And here. Tried all of the above plus cleared app cache through phone settings. Checked all album art settings but nowt. They were all working with 816 ….. Not all have disappeared, but about 1/3rd ….
  4. All of my music is on my sdcard, mp3s with all tags included and embedded album art. PA picks them up fine.
  5. But you've asked for listing by 'album artist' and that is what is being shown so your request is illogical to say the least. It would also be extremely hard to get right even some of the time. I mean you would have to have an exception in the code for listing by album artist so that if 'album artist' was 'various artists' then list 'artist' instead. But how would PA know that the album is a compilation from the mp3 tags? It would have to assume that ALL mp3 tags are complete and correct for one. And what about those 'album artists' that are listed not as 'Various Artists' but as 'various artists' or 'various' or 'compilation' or etc etc …..
  6. Hmmm. Essential? To you maybe. I use PA all the time and haver never even felt the need to create any sort of 'queue' at all. So, horses for courses! As for the last two parts of your reply I highlighted, well, fairly self-explanatory I think!
  7. With mine, I have 8000+ songs on my phone which I always have on 'shuffle all songs'. The numbers say things like '3/8000' and increment by 1 for each song. Not checked to see if the numbering persists over a reboot or anything like that though as, for me anyway, I'm not usually that interested in which track number it is.
  8. dvhttn

    Bluetooth respond to button is not working.

    Works OK for me using wireless BT headphones. (Galaxy S7 using stock-based ROM).
  9. Hmm Never noticed before recently but I see the same thing. I have a Kenwood head unit in one car that only shows track run-time but I've just acquired a 2nd car with a modern (3 year old) head unit (well, I say modern, but the OS is a re-worked android 4.x!). Now this shows all the correct song title/artist/album but, like yours, shows the incorrect track number. Not sure if it's a BT bug or generic PA bug. But not got around to testing other players yet.
  10. Works fine for me. I installed the '800' apk and the first thing that happened when I started PA was a box that said 'Thank you for purchasing …..'. Are you sure you have a valid network connection? Oh, running Android 8.0 on a Galaxy S7 with Nova launcher.
  11. No problems with my head unit via BT. But be aware of 2 issues. 1) the problems you're seeing could be problems with the head unit firmware. I used several music players/phones to narrow down a problem and it pointed at PA. However, a firmweare upgrade to my cars head unit fixed that issue. 2) I have my phone (PAs volume settings) set to max. volume output and then alter the volume in the car with the head unit. However, recent android versions have an additional BT setting that tend sto f$$$ this up. Go into Settings > Connections > Bluetooth and hit the 3-dot menu. You want to look at 'media volume sync' and 'phone ringtone sync'. I just turn them 'off'. If you're aware of these and it doesn' alter what you're seeing, my apologies, but I'm setup this way and don't have the problems you're seeing.
  12. dvhttn

    Poweramp 797

    Not sure why you liken PA to a fish but .... ? Bluetooth works fine. Was using it at work before I left on my wireless headphones then over BT in the car on the way home.
  13. dvhttn

    Playback stops for no reason on Android Oreo

    Been reported several times on this build - as has the solution which is that it's a known issue and wait for the next build.
  14. Use mp3tag on your pc. Exactly as you want.
  15. You need to use some form of 'tag scanner', such as mp3tag on your pc, to write the mp3 tags as you want them. In this case you need to write the correct ones to your compilation album mp3 files as they are obviously incorrect. I see no reason for max to add an option just so your incorrectly tagged mp3 files display correctly. Of course, such an option may be a nice to have for other reasons. Do a search in the forums, and via Google on the wider web, for 'mp3 tag' or similar. Plenty of hits will pop up.