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  1. dvhttn

    Bluetooth headset control not working

    Just thought that I would say that I use a BT headset ( these … https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07B9R67WR/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) and the remote commands work fine. It is BT 5, though I don't know if that makes a difference. On the BT side though, tags do not get to my car head unit - well, they do sometimes but I cannot narrow any particular sequence that makes them work/not work. This is an ongoing issue though. Oh, using 790 PA.
  2. I'm on a 7.0 based Galxy S7 and I see the same thing. But the notification bar information is correct as is the lockscreen information (if that's shown - I've turned off all lockscreen options and the track information still pops up occasionally ). Looking forward to the final version.
  3. Excellent point! One of the 'little' things that make an app better than the rest.
  4. Nope. I've got the same issue. It's one of the settings I have 'on' all the time but it's stopped working with this latest version. Worked on all previous versions. Galaxy S7 - Superman ROM (based on stock Android 7).
  5. Just a FYI but there is now a 512GB microsd card on the market ( ... http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/integral-memory-new-512gb-microsd-card-3381378...). The review also mentions the Sandisk 400GB card you can already buy.
  6. dvhttn

    Songs repeating

    Different songs so PA doesn't care/know that you've heard what is basically the same one. I sometimes get a situation where I think I've gone to the next/previous song but all that's happened is that the same song has restarted. Maybe that's what you're seeing as the phone is in your pocket ..... ?
  7. dvhttn

    Minor bugs

    I've also seen this a few times but can't reproduce it at will. As it's an alpha version and the whole UI will soon change I haven't mentioned it.
  8. Another data point for Max maybe. Went to work yesterday with no tags appearing on my stereo via PA. Track finished part way through. During the day I played about with an app called TuneIn Radio whilst nowhere near my car (which was turned off and locked in the car park). Left work, started PA again at the place I'd left off that morning and noticed mp3 tags appearing on my stereo. 'Oh, it's decided to work today' I thought. Then I noticed that the tags were from the TuneIn Radioapp that I'd played with (and exited) a couple of hours previously. Got home and started another mp3 player app, played one of the songs that had just been playing via PA and lo and behold the correct mp3 tags appeared on my stereo. So, not sure what's happening from a SW viewpoint but it's not ROM related and it's not car stereo related (in my case), it just seems to be PA.
  9. Maybe an additional data point for Max to work on, or maybe not ..... got to work yesterday after BT was working OK for once. i.e. the track title/artist was scrolling on my car head set as it should. At work I hardly use my phone so when I left the same track was at the same position to play again. However, when it finished and a new track came on the old BT data was still on the headunit suggesting the new one hadn't been downloaded. This works fine with other players as I mention above. Over to Max .....
  10. Probably mentioned before that I also have the BT problem with my car headunit. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I can't seem to be able to narrow it down to anything in particular. However, recently did some more experiments. 1) the Samsung music player (got a Galaxy S7 with more or less stock 7.0.x ROM) works fine. 2) a Galaxy S4 running a version of Android 6.x (CM) runs fine with the stock music player. 3) a Windows 10 phone works fine as well. Now, I can't remember why I was testing these other phones out but I noticed that after using them then PA (version 3 SW) on my S7 also started to work fine. For a while. I'm wondering if it could be some BT initialisation issue with PA? Just thought I'd throw out a theory ......
  11. dvhttn

    Unknown album

    Hmmm. In those intervening 'years' you could have tagged your mp3s correctly and not had the problem. As has been said, PA is doing what it should do with the incomplete tags in your mp3 files.
  12. My situation is sort of similar. I have a Kenwood KMM-BT302 stereo in my car and a Galaxy S7 phone with 6.0.1 (though now a custom ROM). Latest firmware on the stereo and the alpha version of PA. The mp3 tags do get transferred and displayed by the stereo but not reliably. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't, I haven't figured out any common reason why yet. Though from reading many forums about the issue with BT between phones and stereos it would seem that it is the stereo at fault in many cases. Anything I/we can to to help debug this? Dave
  13. dvhttn

    App Crash (FC) when trying to search

    Que? On Android 7.1? Which is only out officially on a couple of Google phones?
  14. Just to check here. The repeated songs aren't actually from different albums are they? I eman, the same song from the original album, the Greatest Hits and a compilation that also contains that song, for example? I've also thought I've heard the same song in a short period of time but it was actually one of the above examples.
  15. dvhttn

    Licence check failure

    Quite agree. It really is a pain when this happens and there is no reason for it. Dave