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  1. I'm on the latest version of PA and I can see it in Album mode. My language is English though so maybe it's to do with the language somehow? Can you try switching it to English to see if it appears then? Not a fix but a clue as to what's happening.
  2. Just did more testing. Samsung Music also doesn't send track information to my HU, just the same track number and elapsed time. As the HU displays the correct information for a brief time after I hard reset it then I'm inclined to believe a HU issue.
  3. Nope. Deleted the pairing on my phone and turned BT off. Deleted the pairing from my car's HU then turned everything on and paired again. Still just the track number and elapsed time showing. So, I did a little test. Cleared out the 'BT last processed commands' list first. I started PA with no BT devices nearby and chose a new track on 'pause'. Turned the car HU on and waited for it to connect to my phone (connecting is set to automatic but takes 30 seconds or so). Started the track and played about 5 seconds. Hit 'pause' on the PA screen on my phone then turned the car HU off. Below is the complete list of 'BT last processed commands'. There's always the chance that I'm doing something wrong/have something set incorrectly so I wonder if someone more knowledgeable with BT could point anything out? The HU is a Kenwood KMM-BT302. Thanks. ================== 10:27:15.324 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 10:27:21.896 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 ================== 10:27:59.295 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event disconnection BT=false am mode=0 no_keep_notif_on_dscn=false ================== 10:27:59.299 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event disconnection BT=true am mode=0 no_keep_notif_on_dscn=false ================== 10:27:59.319 HeadsetPlugReceiver headset event disconnection BT=true am mode=0 no_keep_notif_on_dscn=false
  4. Probably not that as I have to repair every time I change ROMs on my phone. I've done this several times since installing PA 8xx but I'll try and remember to test this tomorrow. Thinking about it I don't 'delete' the pairing from the HU, just re-pair so I'll ensure I delete from phone and HU before the re-pair process.
  5. Right, found them. But no change. Still only trrack number and elapsed time on the display. Still leaning towards the HU though. It does work fine on the wife's Honda HU in her car. That runs on a custom version of Android 4.x ......
  6. Not seen any ....... hmmm ... Any pointers to where they are? (I'm on 820)
  7. OK. Difficult to know if this is Poweramp or the radio I have (Kenwood KMM-BT302, a couple of years old but on the latest firmware). I've tried to reset the PA bluetooth settings to 'default' and the PA audio settings to 'default' (in Advanced Tweaks). I've tried all 3 AVRCP profiles I have in the developer settings on my phone (AVRCP 4, 5 and 6) but none of this gets me artist/track etc on my headunit. What did work briefly was when I did a hardware reset on my headunit which caused track info. to appear for a few moments after which it reverted to 'situation normal' which is showing track number and track run-time. I'm leaning to the conclusion that it's actually the HU that's the problem, based on past experiences and the number of BT issues people mention online with BT and car HUs which turn out to be the HU fault. But if someone can convince me I'm wrong please step forward ......
  8. 2. I'm or Oreo but only have AVRCP 1.5 or 1.6 over and above 1.4 .... 3. By the BT app, you mean Poweramp? Ta
  9. dvhttn

    Poweramp Build 818

    And for me! Many thanks.
  10. dvhttn

    Poweramp Build 817

    Should have said but yes, they are all mp3 files. I use no other type of audio file on my phone. And as I said, all my album art worked on 816, plus it works with other music players on the phone and players on the PC. Oh, all of my album art is embedded in each song, jpg files which have a resolution of 1000x1000.
  11. dvhttn

    Poweramp Build 817

    And here. Tried all of the above plus cleared app cache through phone settings. Checked all album art settings but nowt. They were all working with 816 ….. Not all have disappeared, but about 1/3rd ….
  12. All of my music is on my sdcard, mp3s with all tags included and embedded album art. PA picks them up fine.
  13. But you've asked for listing by 'album artist' and that is what is being shown so your request is illogical to say the least. It would also be extremely hard to get right even some of the time. I mean you would have to have an exception in the code for listing by album artist so that if 'album artist' was 'various artists' then list 'artist' instead. But how would PA know that the album is a compilation from the mp3 tags? It would have to assume that ALL mp3 tags are complete and correct for one. And what about those 'album artists' that are listed not as 'Various Artists' but as 'various artists' or 'various' or 'compilation' or etc etc …..
  14. Hmmm. Essential? To you maybe. I use PA all the time and haver never even felt the need to create any sort of 'queue' at all. So, horses for courses! As for the last two parts of your reply I highlighted, well, fairly self-explanatory I think!
  15. With mine, I have 8000+ songs on my phone which I always have on 'shuffle all songs'. The numbers say things like '3/8000' and increment by 1 for each song. Not checked to see if the numbering persists over a reboot or anything like that though as, for me anyway, I'm not usually that interested in which track number it is.