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  1. Just got the update, this seems to fix my issue, thanks a lot 😃
  2. Great, that should make it a lot easier to find and fix the bug. It also means that I have a workaround in the meantime (by disabling that one new option) so I don't have to pin an old version and to always fiddle around with backups whenever I update to reproduce something. Thanks a lot already to everyone involved, I've been using Poweramp since ... probably around a decade and I am glad I won't have to stay on an old version for too long
  3. Good spot, Andre. I created a new collection with way fewer songs and so far wasn't able to reproduce my "can't select song from the library" issue (couldn't spend more than 10 minutes testing, mind, so it might still happen). Maybe something for @maxmp to be poked about as well. Should be easy enough to mock to reproduce then, just create a huge collection (I have about 11k songs on my device) and that might do the trick!
  4. Sure thing, see attached. As you can see, I don't do anything special. I start Poweramp, which starts at the song "Schnägg" from "Züri West". I then skip through a couple of songs, tap on the cover, choose the song "Lion" from "Stephen Lynch" which should start to play, but instead Poweramp plays "Schnägg" from the beginning again. Settings are visible-ish. Given that some people (At least 3 in this thread) can reproduce it and others can not, my best random guess would be either cache or a race condition. Given that I did nuke the application including all data and cache and was still able to reproduce, my next guess would be storage type: my music is on an SD card, would be neat to know if that's the same for all the others who can reproduce, or some other settings (i18n or so) powerampbugresized.mp4
  5. Nope, and new special settings I could pin it to, I was able to reproduce it on a fresh install, too
  6. Since updating to 978, I can no longer pick any song from the library. No matter what song I pick, it plays the first one that was playing when I opened Poweramp. So e.g. I start Poweramp with song A, then play songs B and C, then open the library and click on song D. Instead of song D, it will play song A again. No matter which song, no matter which settings, reproduced with a fresh install. Downgrading to 576 resolves the issue. How to reproduce: open your library, e.g. by clicking on the Cover while you play a song. Choose a different song from any artist. Instead of playing that song, it starts playing the song I was listening to when opening Poweramp. Which of the new 3 settings on what should happen on a click doesn't matter. Let me know if you need anything else. Happens: every time (100% reproducible) Version: build-978-bundle-play Device: Sony Xperia 10IV Android: 13
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