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  1. I have colorized notifications with pa on my device....but if it depends on android/rom as cleverman said than it might be come from that I have 8.0 installed on my device...;)
  2. Ok......but on the old 70x branches it was only 24bit used as sample format. Thats where the question slightly originates from
  3. Just asking as it was mentioned in the past already but why is the sample rate fixed to 32bit if the device only capable of 24 bit? Would it be possible to make it so that we can choose which sample rate is used (or is it somehow possible and in dont just know how?)
  4. To be correct.....he only wrote that it will be probably tonight, not that for sure a new version be released tonight. But for some reason a lot of people erase some words out of their mind if they read stuff....
  5. You may will see performanceproblems with sd cards if you use some old low speed ones. (it could even be that your phones gives you a warning that performance might suffer on the sd card if it is not one on a certain "speed level") But that only should affect loading files from there into memory etc and not change any of the data itself
  6. Could we all agree to ingore people who only come in here to complain just because they have nothing better to do? If we would do that then the useless discussions in here would not take place every few weeks & andre would have less to delete afterwards...
  7. Checked on my device so that i dont post anything wrong. The Stuff in the playerscreen only shows the file properties...so that would not change even if it would be play with 96khz. And as guessed right, more than 46khz are only available on the hd output options of the player Not sure about that, but it could be that the hires options might not be supported on huawei devices (yet?) cause they use a own processor architecture which probably needs an extra api work done...but that for sure can someone answer who knows it better.
  8. What phone are you using? Stuff above 44khz probably only is available on the hi-res output options (it either say experimental hires or open sl hd or so) not on the standard output options.
  9. Not sure, but the ram managment for apps should be done by android itself....like Windows it does on PC. So i would not read too much into it as the system will take it back (if possible) if it needs it....and 20-30mb more in use should not make such a difference that it would be noticeable.
  10. Yes it is. And if Major bugs appear before the release they either hold it too.....or release the stuff with the bugs in it just to hold it. I doubt that the later would be much appreciated by people just to get a new version of the app
  11. Even if more people vote.....i would believe that the users in here a a lot less then the user count of people who bought it........and no, i wont vote on that as i genuinely don't care about how the coverart/text is displayed there I would guess it all depends on how much work it will be. Better if it takes a bit longer with working functions (which should be work at that point) instead of one where still the usability is not 100%.
  12. Have you turned it on for the speakers? For some reason it is the only option which activates it on my xz1.....and i use bt headphones
  13. Can happen...sometimes such stuff is overlooked. BTW: To the stuff i asked about bt and its output.....seems really that bt connections (at least here) get processed at the moment over the speaker output options instead over the bt settings. Let's see if that changes in the (stable) beta or not https://imgur.com/4TMvigQ
  14. would not count on that too much......as stated in post number 2 in this thread So i would not be so sure that it will always show there the correct things at the moment.......and so may not really be helpful to check if it works or not
  15. Im asking this here as i dont know if it is something which falls under the known problems in the first post or if it may be a (unknown?) bug. (and did not see anything mentioned in that area here.....but also did not read every single post) Yesterday i played a bit with the audio ouput stuff and noticed that if i disable the bt options there that nothing happens/changes but the music shortly stops playing when disabling the speaker output (which activates itself again). Could it be that Poweramp pre-beta for some reason process bt audio back over the speaker output instead over the bt options? Or is that just one of those glitches which may indicate something different as it should? Sony Xperia XZ1 (android 8.0) with Sony MDR 1000X BT Headphones
  16. Just as a "side" question. Is Russia still blocking a few million ips (in their failed try to block telegram) or have they cooled that down. Only read last week that stuff like amazon, google etc. was hit by that......so could that (if they still spread that block so wide) may block an upload to here (or google play) in the worst case?
  17. A specific deadline is something like 1.4.201x............not just stuff like April 201x. If a dev (etc.) gives out just a month it usually means that he does not certainly can say when exactly it will be ready and has so (usually) enough leeway if it may take a few days longer...
  18. No one should really care if a dark skin (or any other alternative) is not shipped in a beta.....as the beta itself may be more important to the most people in here
  19. Why do you think that anyone got a test version of his dev branch outside of the public channels like here or the playstore? If that would be the case you for sure would be able to download that from not official sources....
  20. April still has 18 days left. And depending on how fast max is (or if some unexpected stuff happens) it may come a bit later....;)
  21. Still March here. Horray for timezones And even if it is the beginning of April...i doubt that anything will be released on a weekend/holiday
  22. Even if the beta would not be available for everyone in here it does not make any sense to ask right now and right here to get into it, as such details would be (if it would be needed) announced early enough if it is needed....especially as everyone should now that it probably would not be seen as max browses the forum not that often (based on the postings of him in here) as they may think. @ Other topic. Hope that the beta will support proper Hi Res playback over Bluetooth too..(yes, i have bt headphones which have hires support)
  23. Why would one want that number? Would be meaningless to have support for that if one does not have the equipment to play that back or files which got natively mastered from a source which has originally that high hz. BTW: Even if it is not really about PA......but where do you guys get your Hi Res Music from to play wiht pa (if it supports hires on your device yet)? Only find shops which either have classical Music in HR, oder ones where most of the music are just upscaled CD tracks.
  24. That wont happen. It is hard to improve something which is nearly perfect already......
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