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Poweramp Equalizer builds 886-893


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For some reason, after first trying the ADB method, it worked flawlessly, but then very quickly broke, so that it wouldn't detect any known players, and by turning them off and on again on the list, the last seen time and app-specific settings would reset, but the app wouldn't be detected. I've tried a few things, messing around with the permissions, reinstalling the app, rebooting the phone, nothing helped. Now it outright cannot detect any players, not even Poweramp with it's MusicFX setting turned on. The phone is Samsung Galaxy M21, model number SM-M215F/DSN, Android 10.

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11 hours ago, maxmp said:

@Pankajk5 I tested AmazonMusic on Samsung@Android 10 and it works fine for me with the Advanced Player Tracking. I can't make Equalizer to forget session on track changes/playlist changes/AmazonMusic restart.

One case I could reproduce is killing both AmazonMusic and Equalizer and starting playback. In this case I can see player has longer buffering/connecting state and is not considered as playing by Equalizer - this is fixed for the next Equalizer build.

Note that built-in Amazon equalizer should be disabled. Tested version is 17.3.4. OTA.

@maxmp can you test after rebooting your device and wait for the Equalizer to get initialized. Then check if YouTube and Amazon Music works fine without making any additional changes.

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@wargnerm For Xiaomi phones you have to give special permissions for USB Debugging.

Develepor Options

USB Debugging > On

USB Debugging (Security Settings) > On

Then run the adb command. No need to turn off MIUI Optimizations.

20 minutes ago, wargnerm said:

I'm getting this error when trying to grant DUMP permission via USB debugging. Tried on both Redmi Note 8 Pro and Mi Note 10 Lite from Xiaomi. Tried turning off MIUI Optimizations too.



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On 12/11/2020 at 8:24 AM, SamPA said:

@supra107 Just enable "Background Running" of "Poweramp Equalizer App" in One UI. 

In the battery settings? Didn't help. Also it only managed to detect NewPipe, therefore it can still detect some normally detectable players, but it absolutely cannot detect any player through the Advanced Player Tracking method after granting the DUMP permissions.

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4 hours ago, geraldoneill100 said:

so this new eq app will not work with Poweramp?! How disappointing. will this ever change?

The EQ will work with PA (enable MusicFX) in PA to allow external audio processing. You can't have DVC enabled on both though, only one app at a time can use DVC. There are still some elements that are only in PA (e.g. Tempo, Mono, Reverb) and some that are only in the separate EQ app (e.g. Compressor) but some may get ported across over time.


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hi everyone, i can't find any more MusicFX in Poweramp ... may it be because google play music has been deprecated? i am on xiaomi mi note 3 and official global rom miui 12 with root ...


can someone put the list of supported players

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everthing is working perfect on oneplus 7t. Unfortunately the app is not recognising the usb audio player pro app. i could not trigger it to work with eq app. youtube,spotify,tidal and youtube vanced is ok for me. no issues.


i wonder when we see the final release on google play :) 

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