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  1. Will the current "introductory price" payment carry over to the final release versions?
  2. In the battery settings? Didn't help. Also it only managed to detect NewPipe, therefore it can still detect some normally detectable players, but it absolutely cannot detect any player through the Advanced Player Tracking method after granting the DUMP permissions.
  3. For some reason, after first trying the ADB method, it worked flawlessly, but then very quickly broke, so that it wouldn't detect any known players, and by turning them off and on again on the list, the last seen time and app-specific settings would reset, but the app wouldn't be detected. I've tried a few things, messing around with the permissions, reinstalling the app, rebooting the phone, nothing helped. Now it outright cannot detect any players, not even Poweramp with it's MusicFX setting turned on. The phone is Samsung Galaxy M21, model number SM-M215F/DSN, Android 10.
  4. Will the equalizer app require purchasing a separate license in the future, or will it also be activated with the Poweramp Player license? EDIT: Also, I remember using an equalizer app on my past unrooted phone which was able to apply audio effects to all apps in the system, although it was a phone with Android 6. Is that kind of audio modification possible on modern unrooted Android? Or is the app forced to rely on the good will of audio player app developers?
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