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  1. any new update is on the way? just wonder what we'll get as a new feature or bug fix on next build
  2. the new version is still not updated on google play and we get 2 new updates in a few days
  3. i delete the previous one and installed on google play and then purchased it. so it's the same version with the apk file on the first page?
  4. hi again; i removed the previous version and installed it fresh on my device. now do i have to give permission again on adb command? for catching the new media players on the app? my other settings are not changed.
  5. what's your device model? and did you try uninstall it and install for a clean start?
  6. it seems strange to me too,that's why i ask about it, so no need to be in a hurry btw the app recognise usb audio player pro but there is no amplfying, i'll be happy if you can check this before paid version release
  7. yes,the same id both on my pc and mobile.but there is no difference,maybe just some discription info edited as andrewilley said.
  8. Poweramp Equalizer Google Play Details when i search the app on google play (web) i see it's updated on january 9 2021, google play changed the info about the app, i didn't see that before on any app. the info is changed but the content is the same on mobile version of google play. it still showing as 10 december 2020 sounds weird
  9. if we have to give permission again on paid/ non beta version. it's not important for me. just one time and can be done in few secs. or they can find a permanent solution for it. thank you very much. i'm also not a developer, just a standart user like you
  10. thank you very much,both of you. and i hope it's price is lower than Poweramp a few bucks less. and by the way do we have to give permission again to find music players on paid version? or is it just a workaround on beta stage
  11. i'm asking the same question second time but could not get an answer yet. Are we only able to report bugs and feature requests? for me no issues at all on oneplus 7t but i wonder when we will receive the final/paid version or one more beta to go..thank you very much
  12. Will we get another beta for the equalizer? For me everything is working OK. No issues at all.. Or final/paid version is around the corner?
  13. final/paid version must be around the corner..if the whole beta process is over..
  14. or you can enable usb debugging mode. i did it on oneplus 7t in a few second
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