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  1. @andrewilley is this something to do with my device or the app that I am using.
  2. ================== 03:08:39.640 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_PAUSE ACTION_DOWN name=Virtual source=0x0 sources=0x301 virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=69457518 flags=0x0 playerState=2 ================== 03:08:39.642 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_PAUSE ACTION_UP name=Virtual source=0x0 sources=0x301 virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=69457521 flags=0x0 playerState=2 ================== 03:09:47.353 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY ACTION_DOWN name=Virtual source=0x301 virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=69525208 flags=0x540 playerState=1 ================== 03:09:47.353 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY ACTION_UP name=Virtual source=0x301 virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=69525209 flags=0x540 playerState=1 @andrewilleyFinally I could reproduce and get the last command executed. Please check and let me know
  3. I have two issues: 1. Sometimes I see with Bluetooth or wired connect, Poweramp starts automatically. 2. There is a Zen mode in one plus(attached screenshot shot), after which it enables the Poweramp automatically and I can't even disable the music during that time.
  4. I am having the same problem with Zen mode in one plus 6T
  5. @maxmp This seems to be working. @andrewilley I was not using Hi-Res before. I like audio without Hi Res enabled. Anyway I am left with no choice instead of using it.
  6. @maxmp shared the video over email. Please check and let me know if you need more detail on that
  7. @maxmp okay I could able to capture video with issue. I will inbox you in 5min.
  8. @maxmp I am very well aware about beep which is not supposed to be part of that . I am sharing the audio info. This issue happens sometimes while listening songs also. But for lowering or increasing volume and notification, it happens all the times. I have been facing this problem for a long time. Please I need urgent help it is really spoiling my music experience.
  9. @andrewilley here you go again. Till one week it was smooth now after one I am landed in same problem again. Now with notification also I am having problems.
  10. You were absolutely right. Now I don't hear any duck while increasing or decreasing volume after resetting Amp. If I get any more issue, will update you the same .
  11. I changed buffer size but nothing changed. Also when I try to increase or decrease the volume I get the same problem.
  12. @Gautam Ram Mohan make sure battery optimization is disabled for this app. I am using one plus 6T and it seems to be working fine .
  13. @andrewilley it's actually kind of duck beep sound kind of. Difficult to explain.but I will try when this issue comes again.
  14. Not always but most of times I am hearing voice crackling (shutter sound) while listening music. FYI battery optimization is disabled for the app. Device: One Plus 6T OS: Oxygen 10.3.7 Android version: 10 Poweramp build:893 Please help.
  15. @maxmp sure thanks I will wait for the build to come up. Also I have shared the logs with you about quick drop-down button issue for Poweramp music player. Please have a look once.
  16. @maxmp Disabling battery optimization did help for me not to enable or disable notification Listener but I couldn't make YouTube working with it . YouTube vanced works after it sends the notification in the notification bar.
  17. @maxmp Are you suspecting for one plus there is some issue or optimization required for this app ?
  18. @maxmp Just shared the device logs on mentioned email id . Please check if more information is needed.
  19. @maxmp yes. This happens with me multiple times and enabling and disabling notification Listener in Advanced Tracking mode does work for me instantly.
  20. I am not sure if anybody is facing the same issue. With the latest build I need to disable notification Listener multiple times to make it work. Previously in my phone it was only needed after reboot but now I am facing this issue more.
  21. @maxmp I have already purchased it so I don't know how much it would be in Indian currency :((((
  22. @maxmp seems to be costly compare to Poweramp player. Republic day should have some sale.
  23. I am seeing that some of the session is kept alive by Poweramp Equalizer even though keep session alive button is disabled. I am able to see this issue all the time with brave browser which is always alive and sometime seeing for YouTube vanced and Spotify as well. Did anybody else faced this problem?
  24. @Akash AhmedLet me explain you in very simple manner because in beginning I was also confused 😃. Let's say you are using Spotify for listening music but you will not have the bass and powerful music experience which MX player provides. Now if you use Equalizer app, you all audio or music app will be amplified via this app. So even if you are using different app other than Mx player you will still enjoy the same music and bass experience. I hope this helps
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