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  1. geraldoneill100

    Cannot backup playlists.

    Hi Andre. Apologies for slow response. What I've done is copy and hit the plus button to create Poweramp playlists from the .m3u8 playlists that seem to be what now appear in Poweramp. My recollection having used isyncr and Poweramp for years is that previously all my playlists did not have .m3u or .m3u8 but now they do. I've ticked folders in library and for now I have 2 playlists for everything so I'm currently ignoring the .m3u8 lists and just updating and backing up the internal playlists that I've managed to create. In all fairness much as I'd really like to remove the duplicate .m3u8 lists they don't impact my ability to use the normal lists. I'm slightly OCD so this sort of thing does bug me but I'll manage! Just wanted to say thanks again for your assistance. Very much appreciated. I'll start a new thread re audio quality issues now. Cheers. G
  2. geraldoneill100

    Cannot backup playlists.

    Hi Andre. As I deleted everything from isyncr and .m3 playlists in Poweramp I'm thinking they must also be in another location that's not obvious so I may be back to needing a file finding app? Regarding the audio issues I am experiencing I have not found a post addressing this so wanted to ask you if there is a post I have missed or if I should start a new one? Thanks v much.
  3. geraldoneill100

    Cannot backup playlists.

    Hi Andre. I was doing a bit of research and came across something you said to another user regarding playlists and creating a new one thus making a Poweramp playlist. Worked perfectly so I didn't need to use a file finding app. I deleted all the .m3 playlists from isyncr folder but they still appeared in Poweramp so I deleted from Poweramp. Just opened Poweramp and I have both types if playlists again. Is there a way to delete them? Regarding the problems I am having with the audio being very high in treble, would it be best for me to start a new thread? Nothing I've tried so far helps. Increased volume fantastic but audio quality seems to have problems on my Galaxy S5. Cheers. G
  4. geraldoneill100

    Cannot backup playlists.

    Hello. Sorry for slow response. I will have a play about and see what I can do re playlists. Hopefully the apps you mention and or vlc player will help me do all info editing I need to do. As for sound the DVC setting makes a difference re volume but possibly a bit scratchier sounding. Not sure though. The different volume progression options 30 50 100 seem to make a difference but quite erratic and still unpleasantly trebly and using tone settings was horrific. Need to do more listening and maybe reinstall. I'm guessing developers are working on to tidy up the sound, so for now after all the improvements we can't really complain as I think with some tweaks I can make it acceptable for the time being.
  5. geraldoneill100

    Cannot backup playlists.

    Hello Andrew. Thanks for the advice. I also noticed that vlc player has same type of playlist files so maybe that's an option. In near future I will do some downloading and testing and hopefully all will work. Would it be worth my while starting a post asking if anyone has a good way to move playlists between a laptop and phone whilst editing multiple files re artist album etc etc? While I have your attention, could you possibly point me in the direction of some guidance about the latest Poweramp update and how to resolve on my Galaxy S5 the extremely high treble? The incredible sound quality and wonderful increase in volume means this app is a Godsend but I can only listen to music with eq on and 2 far left sliders up a bit for bass and everything else set to minimum. Just about works. Thank you very much. G
  6. geraldoneill100

    Cannot backup playlists.

    Hi Andre. Thanks for getting in touch. I may have made an error as maybe app cannot do what I have. All the playlists I would like to back up have .m3u after the names and were created on my galaxy S5 by syncing with my itunes using isyncr app.
  7. geraldoneill100

    Cannot backup playlists.

    Hello. I have a Galaxy S5. When I press the export playlist button it says 0 playlists exported. Help!