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  1. hi everyone, i can't find any more MusicFX in Poweramp ... may it be because google play music has been deprecated? i am on xiaomi mi note 3 and official global rom miui 12 with root ... p.s. can someone put the list of supported players
  2. thank you very much, I also tried this way but the same sometimes happens that the music stops for no reason ... very strange ...
  3. sorry I did not explain well ... the problem of low volume happens just with the hi-res and I also tried to put at 48hz but does not change anything ... all the other outputs instead work well.. thanks
  4. Hello all, I have bought the app unlocked and I have full version now... But I have a problem, sometime the app stops working while I ear the music with USB type-c earphones (Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C) and MIUI global rom. All unimaginable permission are ON, but the problem persist for example when a notification sound of other app appears... Sorry for my bad English and I hope that the problem was resolved... THX
  5. Hello all , I have bought these earphones and are nice with MIUI ROM because I was using their enhanced sound application integrated in MIUI but now I have changed ROM and I installed Aospextended ROM in my Xiaomi Mi Note 3... But now in Poweramp the sound output DAC USB have a very low volume... Can anyone help me ? Thanks guys !
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