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Poweramp Builds 842-853


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On 9/29/2019 at 2:31 PM, PChwdhry said:

Thanks for the release.

I am from West Bengal, India. The native language of West Bengal and neighbor country Bangladesh is Bengali (বাংলা). I want to translate this excellent application in Bengali. Please, instruct me to do this.

Thank you. 

Settings, About, Translations has a link at the top Crowdin.net.

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20 hours ago, djdarko said:

@maxmp There seems to be an issue with the latest update.

Using cue/m4a files:

1. Play a track from an album.

2. Go to the track list, then select another track from the same album.

3. The previous song keeps playing with no reaction from the player.

@maxmp Still an issue in build 848

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848 -  Bluetooth hires appears to be cutting out the audio for about 1-2 seconds, sound stops but the music keeps playing and doesnt loose the place or beat. 

Previously all settings had worked fine. Only in hires on a Samsung S8  android 8.

I have just downloaded 849 so will see how that goes. 

thanks again for the good  work progressing to make Poweramp the best android player.


Edit : Appears to be fixed in 849. No problems with hires over bluetooth now. Thanks.

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After the last 2 updates I'm having a problem with playlist i click the shuffle songs in playlist page and nothing plays,i click the play icon next to the shuffle icon and nothing plays,i now have to open the playlist and then click the first song for it to start playing the playlist. Samsung A70 android 9

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@Duarian Android can't distinguish between Unlocker app and main Poweramp app, so various stats may appear for either one or another app. Also, some Android variants will incorrectly calculate Unlocker app size.

Btw, you can remove Unlocker if license is verified and stored on the device (see Poweramp / Settings / About). Though, those stats will just move to Poweramp main app.


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