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  1. HI. Re Poweramp V860 beta - builtin skin = dark is selected and in use. When playing a song, swip down to see the album list, There i see hightlighted track. Scroll up and down and track is easily seen that is playing. Swipe right to go up to the list of albums and there is NO clue which album to go into that is playing currently. is there a way to make the album easily seen simlar to the song inside the album? I tried different skins but didnt get very far with that also. Thanks for any ideas or how to make this small change to make it more usable.
  2. I use bluetooth volume pro which allows setting different bluetooth devices to different settings and having those settings load when the bluetooth device is connected automatically. I use medium volume on loudspeaker and maximum output on car bluetooth connection and use the car volume control to change as i drive along. Seems to work well for me.
  3. 848 - Bluetooth hires appears to be cutting out the audio for about 1-2 seconds, sound stops but the music keeps playing and doesnt loose the place or beat. Previously all settings had worked fine. Only in hires on a Samsung S8 android 8. I have just downloaded 849 so will see how that goes. thanks again for the good work progressing to make Poweramp the best android player. Edit : Appears to be fixed in 849. No problems with hires over bluetooth now. Thanks.
  4. thanks for the ideas. I had turned off "Folders" as a view assuming that similar featured would apply for "folders hierarchical", which it does not I discover. Seems odd unexpected behaviour to have "folders" and be able to sort them, and in "folders hierarchical", just another set of folders, it is not possible to do the same thing So to discover the last added folders i can use what you suggest and i now have enabled. So thanks for the guidance. Minsik .
  5. HI. As a newby so much to learn. I can make tracks sort in track number but then when going back one level to the folders that contains those tracks i cant make them sort in ay other order than alphabetical. The sort order seems to be an option that applies but doesnt work. Have i missunderstood. I turn off the settings that refers to name alphabetisation but doesnt make any difference. when making a list of folders sort diferently, which they done! Its only the files in those folders that sort. any clues on how to make this occur? thanks.
  6. +1 I suppose its dynamic compression. Look at AIMP for PC. It has very efective play volume leveling. Its called "peak normalisation". you set a target value for the the level and the upper threshhold gain and the lower threshhold gain and it works on the playing sound. It also shows the applied gain as it varies so you can see how its reacting. they have also added a new thing in version 6 beta thats in addittion called replay gain normalisation which i have not used yet. However the peak normalisation seems to be very good for me and general listening levels
  7. there is a current option to enable a counter showing correctly the total number of songs played out of a total number which works well. However can we have numbers everywhere? ie how many total albums, how many total songs, how many artists in the list, how many songs in the playlist, how many everywhere when the option is on. computers can add very fast and flexibly so should be visible on next to the select button for example in playlists. On the options there is a total shown but not automatically in the top level. Also in the playlist there is a automatic "long" playlist showing an unknown number of songs. Even when look a tthe options there is no total. I see now in "player ui" that the "show track counter" says if supported by skin so it might be the standard skin does not support it. So which skins do show the totals or do i need to try and modify a skin to do what i think should be a default/
  8. As a new user i can remember there is something about volume in the settings but where is it? a search function after opening menu would be help full i think. sort of like windows 10 settings with its search bar at top. that way i may not know where it is but a list related to volume items will allow me to learn where it is.
  9. all helpful information so i thank you. I have found that the non playing queue is working well for me. I have yet to get into the playlist finer points but for now the simple understanding seems to have got a usable system. so many ways, so many options.
  10. HI. I am a late comer to Poweramp but as soon as i heard the sound it blew me away. Nothing else came close and i have tried several dozen players, deleted and moved on. Now here was a keeper. BUt i have some limited understanding on the play order, making queue work for me and why some unexpected music plays after the next song that I am surprised how did that get there. I am a folder organised person with artist or band and then albums in that folder, under a few genre high level folders. ie, rock, blues, folk. then in rock is Ten years after, Chris Pohlman etc. So in the folder heirachicle i go to the rock, then ten years after then the album, then click the first song which it then plays. All good and simple. But if I add some to the queue and play them, go back to the folder view and select from there, i seem to get the queue playing again and yet I thought the selected file, and it brings the album to play, but it goes back to the queue. I would like to use the queue to add a few songs then when happy, to then play that queue. It seems as soon as adding anything to the queue it jumps to the queue and plays that instead of the list i had originally playing. so initially I would like to add songs or albums from the list view to the queue BUT NOT play the queue yet. then when i decide to go and play the queue i select the top menu, gueue and play first song etc. Is this possible. Likely its just me as a newby baby but some guidance would be nice. Version is paid by google and 820 installed. !!!!! Seek and you will find. I did just find in the "library, queue, dont play on adding to queue!" Yippee.. One down.
  11. The ZTE Prestige 2 is an affordable entry-level smartphone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. It has a 5-inch (854×480) display, . Even in the specs they dont say what audio processing is in use. Likely inside a multi pin processor? As you see its a ENTRY level phone with a very cheap price. Likely there is no information on the hardware, as like lollies they are so cheap and easily replaced so why spend expensive peoples time and equipment to locate what really doesn't matter. It has a sound chip that for the price performs probably very well. As a suggestion load the trial version of Poweramp as it has 15 days trial with out money. then look in the settings, audio, output, and see what is active depends on the hardware available and software drivers. I would be surprised if anything above Java level playback in android was available but who knows.
  12. thanks for the confirmation Ande. Fingers crossed and behind a lead curtain i pressed the button and. Viola! No smoke and its working. thanks for the response.
  13. My motto. In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is! 😎 Once you have pressed every button, broke it many times, fixed it many times, upgraded many times, used it constantly you will be knowing it quite well.
  14. My Samsung S8 and latest 8.0.0 android has a "play media sound from one app on an audio device separate from your phones main audio output device. Select an app and an audio device to turn this on" Seems I had never used this and likely never will. However It looks like it would do what you are thinking. ie play back from Poweramp to bluetooth headphones for someone else and yet you can watch youtube and hear the internal speaker sound. Why stop at one or two. They have no vision these manufacturers. maybe they do, as next year it will be three audio playback=new phone, year after=4 and another new phone. Nothing like the old multitasking, i used to have a pc just for downloading, another for graphics design and another for word processing, no trouble to reboot anyone, and very good isolation between them too. what i am saying its cheap enough to have several phones for different purposes these days or other family members. Just an idea.
  15. I fixed, turned them off! I need blues and blues-rock but cant see the point as i use folder based mainly. Good luck with the labeling and sorting but.
  16. newby so be gentle. Edit - I think I worked it out! RE-read post and a few others and it became clearer. I bought and downloaded Poweramp from google play, then the trial program was downloaded version 816 which is working great but i am still confused on the upgrade to 818. I suppose google play will up date in future but can i do the download file from here and not break something or have to find the app is deregistered by google play? Assuming that 818 was installed by direct download as my question and another one is released later on is there a problem waiting for play after this scenario? I assume thats the advantage of unlocker purchased and installed by google play is that it will authorise either supplied a[k files, guessing here!) thanks. As someone who loves his music, mainly blues rock, i am blown away how far out in front Poweramp is in the quality of output and flexibility that everything else i have tried.
  17. too close to home, i nearly bought the wrong one but realised just in time! As a newby i wanted Poweramp and I nearly missed it. Me lucky, you lucky.
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