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  1. I will not. This translator is crazy
  2. what I'll do is edit while the song is playing 😂
  3. Thank you, I will do that from now on
  4. I share it from YouTube, And I download it with Ymusic, the one with the green icon, I don't know if you know him
  5. whenever I edit a label the song is playing, if it does it successfully, the song always works well and there is never a problem with the song, when it gets corrupted it jumps to the other song immediately, no matter how hard I try to put that damaged song, it quickly jumps to the next one, from the same PA I delete it immediately and go back and download it
  6. I use mixplorer as a file manager, This one has a great song tag plugin, couldn't you just add this to Poweramp?
  7. Maybe it's because I do it while it is playing, although many times it does it correctly even while playing the song. But I will have it pending
  8. The tag is modified, but the mp3 file gets corrupted and then I can't play it. it doesn't always happen just sometimes. when I search for the file with a file explorer and give it open no it reproduces. the only thing left is to download the song again
  9. Sometimes when I edit the names of the songs they hurt, it doesn't always happen
  10. @andrewilley with the speaker phone it does, with Bluetooth and wired headsets it no longer does. I don't know if it's for Android 11 but before I did, I was thinking of installing an older version of PA Let's see if i get it. sorry for my english is google translate
  11. I remember that in previous versions I could record a video and the music came out perfectly, now in Android 11 I can't. I don't know what happened to the audio focus I liked to do that
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