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  1. LePetit_w

    Poweramp Build 838

    @maxmp Thanks for your answer! I have been enjoying music by Hi-Res output on my BTR3
  2. LePetit_w

    Poweramp Build 838

    Does this feature, Hi-Res + Bluetooth for FiiOs, require additional Settings to enable?My device is FiiO's BTR3.
  3. LePetit_w

    Poweramp beta build-796

    Hi,max. I found the v796's hi-res output can't work well.When I use my headset,the sound come from speaker rather than my headset.v795 can work normally
  4. Is there anybody having the same issue?
  5. PS:I found the sample formate is 16 bit in the former case and I can control volume normally. In the latter case,it's 24 bit and I can only control volume by my device
  6. When I playing music by speaker and then connect my bluetooth device,I find the volume control is ok. But if I connect blutooth first and then run Poweramp playing music,the volume control is ineffective. Maybe it's a bug.
  7. I have enabled the bluetooth Hi-Res output. And the default option of it is "no DVC" & "no headroom gain" . I found that I can't control the volume by system but can by my bluetooth device.It looks like that the volume set to max so that I have to set the volume by my device every time. I remembered there is a option "bluetooth DVC",but I can't find it in new vision. The "no DVC" option in Hi-Res output may be ineffective.Is that a BUGļ¼Ÿ
  8. This is the interface of output information.I have enabled Hiby's exclusive mode and there will be a special volume control bar that only be used on the adapter.
  9. But using Hiby app and enable the exclusive mode the adpter can output digital signals.Thanks a lot.
  10. Maybe it's a problem of miui or android8.1 I find users using Mi 6 with MIUI9 that the adapter can work as dac,but there's a problem on MIUI10.
  11. I can't run the app,maybe it dosen't support MIUI. Thanks for your help.
  12. it works well on Hiby app with enabling Hiby's exclusive mode
  13. I'm using Mi 8 with MIUI10. And when I use the "HTC Type-c to 3.5mm Headphone J" , the output device is identified as "Wired Headset/AUX" instead of "USB DAC".(I have enabled them in Hi-Res Output). It seems llike that the player can't use the exclusive mode(usb dac) although it can work well in headset mode.