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Using Poweramp with Android Head Unit [XTRONS]


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Hey all-

Recently got myself an Android HU for my car- XTRONS TE706PL.  Overall I am pleased with it,  but I have a couple nagging issues.  I found Poweramp, then Poweramp beta shortly after and got it hooked up.    

Using Poweramp Beta with music on SSD Drive

My goal is to have my music library with me in the car, to that end I salvaged a 250g SSD drive from a laptop and put it in an enclosure and mounted it in the glovebox.  My library is about half that size.  The drive is connected to the head unit via usb.

When starting the car, if Poweramp was active when I turned the car off, it attempts to go back to the last song playing, which hasn't yet been mounted (as it takes Android a few seconds, say nominally 15) to get everything sorted.   It appears that once it tries a couple times, Poweramp then goes through and does a full library rescan (which takes some time with my library). In the interim, everything appears to be gone (artist/album/etc info all "nothing to see here".)

I found the setting for "don't scan automatically" and have ticked that, and will be experimenting going forward, but I can't be the first person to have this issue, and was wondering what other folks have done

Bluetooth A2DP issue

One of the other things I want to do with the Xtrons is stream content directly from my phone; mostly audiobooks.  This may or may not be related to Poweramp (to test I'd have to uninstall it I guess) but I'll detail it to see if anyone has some sage advice for me.   The Xtrons has an A2DP app which handles the audio streaming inbound from other devices.   This app launches for a moment, and then goes away.  Sometimes it plays a second or two of the most recent Poweramp track, other times it just closes.   My phone is connected for sure, and the Xtrons is pulling the title/etc info from my audiobook, but it never plays.  It almost appears to me to be some kind of contention between the A2DP app and Poweramp.  I've gone into settings and disabled all the bluetooth controls (at this point I don't need them) to no avail.

Any help with either of these issues would be appreciated!



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Im using android head unit (witson px5) too. I have same problem (about a2db) but im having it with radio application. If i open Poweramp and close it than if i open radio appication sometimes it closes immediately. If i use car's media controls radio applicatin closes and Poweramp starts playing automatically. If i uninstall Poweramp everything solves. Strange thing is Poweramp v2 didnt have these problems. I think when we close Poweramp, somehow Poweramp doing strange things in background which cause thse problems. İ even tried to kill apps and services about Poweramp but nothing solves. Only uninstalling Poweramp works..


I dont want to return powerampv2 because i really liked the new gui.


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У меня не совсем такая проблема, я не использую внешний накопитель (пока), хотя библиотека всего из 500 песен подгружается относительно долго, это заметно по виджету Poweramp, пока не появится название последнего трека виджет не реагирует. Хотелось бы конечно чтобы Poweramp запоминал положение в треке, да и не помешал бы автозапуск, пусть даже с рут правами (на гу это не так уж  сложно получить).

У меня установлен лаунчер nova, при использовании магнитолы вне Poweramp, очень часто вылетает, когда открыт Poweramp такого нет. android 6.0.1



I have not quite such a problem, but I do not use an external drive (yet), although the library of only 500 songs is loaded relatively long, it is noticeable on the Poweramp widget, until the name of the last track appears, the widget does not respond. Of course I would like to Poweramp memorized position in the track, and i would like to have autorun, even with the root of the rights (on the head unit it's not so difficult to get). I have a nova launcher installed, when using the head unit outside the Poweramp, he is often closes, but when the Poweramp is open this does not happen

. android 6.0.1


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I have the same issue with a xtrons 4gb 8.0 oreo OS. 


- New V3 update kicks me out from other app and start playing song when I change ''track'' with the steering wheel button (just like double click I guess).  BUT it wont do it if I'm on the home page. I.E. on home, I can change FM station like normal. If the radio.apk is displayed, changing FM station will start Power Amp... 

- Songs file name appearing in the background wallpaper. I've deleted the widget, changing launcher, changing wallpaper. Nothing's working. 

- We can do A2DP with Poweramp ?? If yes it could be great since xtrons A2DP app is very bad.

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What do you mean by "A2DP closes"? A2DP is the name of a streaming audio protocol (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) that is used for sending stereo music from source devices (such as phones) to various output devices (such as headphones, speakers or car stereos) via a bluetooth connection. This is as opposed to simple headset use, for mono phone calls, for example. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bluetooth_profiles#Advanced_Audio_Distribution_Profile_(A2DP)


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While Poweramp will notice absence of storage, it shouldn't actually remove anything unless Full Rescan is explicitly invoked. As I understand, it still rescans and clean ups library for you? I will try to reproduce / tweak that.
The intended behavior is to keep songs as is for removed/unmounted stoages. Selecting files from such storage will produce "Failed to play, try to rescan" message (Poweramp will skip 5 songs in a row and stop - which is not good too if unmounted storage on Poweramp start is always happening).

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Hi guys, my Poweramp (I paid for the unlocker) started trying to do license verification checks while driving (I never connect my head unit to the net), and forced me to update it, and now is completely unusable.  Besides the fact that the interface is far less useful with the update (the old, non split screen UI was perfect), but now I can't drive for 2 minutes without a verification check, making me pull over, set up a hot spot on my phone and hope it works. 


I am wondering if there is anyway to have a true offline mode, or if I am giving up on Poweramp at this time. 


I have tried reinstalling, deleting and recreating my google play account, disable/reenable play services, clear cache, everything but the kitchen sink. 


This is a real bummer. 

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Have you tried telling Power Amp to wait until media is loaded before restart?  Seems this might help with part of the OP problem. 

Also, I hate the look and feel of the A2DP "app" on the HU so I don't use it.  I load apps directly to the HU and use it as it's own device for media/streaming and this eliminates lots of issues, for my set up anyway.  I have a dedicated hotspot for the car but you could use your phone via tether, whatever your Hu supports. 


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