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  1. Hi, When i start my car my unit starts Poweramp if i was playing music with it. I want to resume my music automatically so i found a setting Audio focus / Resume on start. It works for internal songs not with usb or sd/card. Poweramp is probably starting playback too early for the device, before it has finished setting up usb/sd card reader and it gives me error for not found the usb/sdcard. (This error only occurs when my car unit wake from sleep mode. Cold restart is ok and resuming playback with usb drive) So could you develıp a setting for Poweramp to wait a few seconds before automatically play the music especially for external storage? Thanks
  2. i installed build 814. nothing changed i also find that radio app also quit unexpectedly when i enable respond to buttons on Poweramp 😕
  3. is there a solution for this problem? Or there is a plan for a fix? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am using latest beta build 813 right now. I disable resume on bluetooth and resume on wired headset but not working when i launch a2dp program it closes unexpectedly. when i disable respond to buttons option it works but i can not use car wheel buttons for prev/next track in this position Any help? This problem occurs only in version 3 of Poweramp. I really like this player. Please help Thanks
  5. My national language is not english. Sorry
  6. Nope not working :( Poweramp interfree with A2DP app. Developer need to fix this :/
  7. I have the same problem A2DP closes. Please fix this bug
  8. yeah exactly same thing... I really want to use this amazing player with my car unit Please fix this bug.
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